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What You Should Know

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GENR8 is a product that is meant to help body builders. Its purpose is to either give you great strength as a supplement before you work out, or it can reduce the recovery time if you take it after your workout. This supplement comes in a powder, and you mix it with water or some other liquid to make a shake.

Most users agree that this product is better than other similar products because the texture is not chalky, and the taste is much better than other products. However, it is much more expensive than similar products, and it has more side effects than similar products as well. Many users prefer pills to powdered substances because these can be inconvenient, and difficult to consume.

List of Ingredients

This product contains barley, citric acid, natural flavoring, sucralose, and natural coloring. Many users do enjoy the taste better than similar products, but some of these ingredients have been known to cause bloating or upset stomach.

Product Features

This product comes in a variety of different flavors. GENR8 comes in natural juicy orange, natural tropical fruit, unflavored, and natural grape. It comes in either a 10 or 25 serving tub, but many people are unwilling to splurge for this product because costs almost $4 per serving. The ingredients used in this product are meant to speed up muscle recovery, and increase your workout ability.

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  • Many customers say that GENR8 tastes better than the competition, and it comes in a variety of flavors.
  • The powdered product is absorbed into your body quickly so that you can feel the effects rapidly.


  • The cost is a major setback for many people looking to buy this product. At $70 for 25 servings many people are unable to afford this supplement.
  • Although GENR8 is not chalky, many users complain that it can gelatinize at the bottom of the glass.
  • Even though the producers eliminated most of the side effects, some users still complain of indigestion, upset stomach, and bloating.


GENR8 is a product that helps boost your workout by increasing your energy before working out, and decreasing your recovery time afterwards. Most users agree that they do see good results, and that this supplement tastes much better than alternatives. Also, because it is a powder, it is absorbed into the body much faster, and the effects occur much more rapidly than tablet supplements. However, the same users also agree that the price is too high, and the product can clump together. Also, many users have suffered from bloating or stomach problems while using this product. If you can afford it, and you do not mind the gelatinous texture, you should ask your doctor if this product will help your workout become more profitable.

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