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GenSpec is a company that sales health supplements specific to your ethnicity to help you better fight the health issues that plague you. There are several different products broken down into three different ethnicities: Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic. The website looks very professional and offers plenty of information about who they are as a company and their products.


Ingredients vary from each supplement, as each ethnicity has a formula for males and females. A series of vitamins and other minerals are in each supplement in order to cater to the specific needs better. Full supplement ingredient lists are available in graphic format on the website.

Product Features

GenSpec offers a supplement for men and women who are Caucasian, African American, or Hispanic. Each supplement contains different amounts of different vitamins and minerals to better address the health issues that plague the ethnicities, such as vitamin D deficiency in all of the different ethnicities. Here’s a red flag. If we all have vitamin D deficiency and all the supplements are geared to take care of that, it seems there cannot be that much difference between them and therefore they would not really be engineered specifically for each type. Each formula costs $17.99 plus shipping and handling. We we unable to calculate shipping due to a site malfunction that we hope is only temporary. Each bottle contains 90 tablets, which equates to a 30 day supply if taken three times a day with meals as directed.

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  • Promotes overall health.


  • Claims to be formulated for each ethnicity, though we don’t see much difference between them.
  • Claims as a weight loss formula on the product page, but also says it will promote general health-nothing seems to help weight loss.
  • No consumer testimonials.
  • No money back guarantee.


What started out as a good idea with potential, quickly faded away into a gimmick. Three different products are offered in two different variations each, one for men and one for women. These are supposed to be different based on the needs of the person, though they really don’t seem to be. Yes, we all need the same vitamins and minerals, and in different dosages. However, this website claims that each ethnicity is fighting different battles, and then presents the same information about calcium deficiency and overweight with a different percentage for each-it doesn’t really seem like we are fighting different battles after all. Look for a weight loss supplement that is clinically proven with safe ingredients, and look for a supplement that provides overall health support which is also proven and supported by guarantees. Otherwise, stick to a balanced diet with plenty of water and exercise to watch the pounds drop and your health improve.

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