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While there are a number of ingredients used in modern weight loss pills and supplements, not all of them are as useful as advertised. Some ingredients are not even intended for weight loss. However, once it is discovered that a substance can help you lose a few pounds, it is suddenly a weight loss ingredient or drug. Many of these ingredients are totally natural, and come from plants, fruits, trees, and flowers. Germander is the substance we will examine in this piece, and it is a plant ingredient that some people use for weight management.


  • Germander (Teucrium Chamaedrys)

Product Features

Germander is often taken for conditions like fever, diarrhea, gout, and even stomach aches. However, according to medical experts, this plant extract is not regulated well, and is not proven to assist with these problems. Some people also take Germander to lose weight. Again, there is no clinical evidence to support this substance as an effective weight loss ingredient. Furthermore, the actual portion or dose of Germander needed for real weight loss is unknown.

Like many natural herbs and plant-based ingredients, Germander is taken orally to potentially reduce your body weight. However, it is unclear what this substance actually does to affect your body and lead to weight loss. There is no evidence that Germander increases the metabolism, burns off belly fat, suppresses appetite, or boosts energy levels. Other names for this substance are Camedrio, Chenette, Germandree, and Wild Germander. While you might find this plant extract in some dietary supplements, it does not appear to be sold as a capsule or tablet formula on its own. Different people will have different reactions to Germander.

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  • Some people will appreciate that this is a natural plant ingredient.
  • Germander may be able to assist with ailments like upset stomach and diarrhea.


  • This ingredient has not been proven to assist with weight loss.
  • Germander may lead to harmful side effects.
  • It is unclear what this natural substance does to cause weight loss.
  • Alternative ingredients are more promising for weight reduction and fat loss.
  • This plant extract is not easy to come by.


After reviewing the details and specifics of Germander plant extract, it is clear that this is not the best choice for weight loss. Especially when you consider that it is unknown how this ingredient even assists with weight reduction. Moreover, there is no clinical evidence provided to back up the claims made about Germander and weight loss. The scary thing about this ingredient is that it can lead to side effects and affect the body in negative ways that we are unaware of. There are more significant ingredients available in modern weight loss pills that really work.

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