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What You Should Know

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Get Diesel was originally concocted by a weight lifter that wanted to eliminate the plateau effect. It is meant to boost your energy during the workout and decrease your recovery time afterwards. Many people have had tremendous success with this product, but there are also people who have not succeeded when using this product.

This supplement uses the best ingredients available to help not only build muscle, but also define the muscles that you do have. It promises to give you the best looking body you can have, and the company tries to eliminate any side effects that are normally prevalent with other body building supplements. Overall, Get Diesel is a good product, but it is extremely expensive, and some of the powders taste awful. Many customers are unwilling to spring the extra price for these, and they have difficulty swallowing some of the chalky substances.

List of Ingredients

This product contains many different ingredients, and each has its own purpose. Some of the ingredients have caused adverse side effects even though the company tried to eliminate these as much as possible. Some of the ingredients include zinc, magnesium, an energy blend, and many more.

Product Features

Get Diesel has been proven to increase your strength, and improve your energy before, during, and after a workout. It is very easy to find online, and the results have been great for many customers. However, the side effects are fairly common, and can include acne, increase in aggression, or increase in your sex drive. The producer recommends an intake of 4-6 tablets per day with one day off per week.

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  • Get Diesel does give good results, and most users are satisfied with the results they are getting.
  • This supplement is available online, and is easy to find and order.


  • Although it does offer results, this product has many side effects such as acne, increased aggression, or increased sex drive.
  • This product is more expensive than similar products, and offers comparable results.
  • This product can also cause foul body odor, and discoloration in urine.


Although Get Diesel offers great results, there are many disadvantages to this product as well. It can cause acne, discoloration of urine, increase in sex drive, increased aggression, and many more undesirable side effects. Also, these pills are more expensive than competitors’ products that offer the same results. Overall, this product is at a level below the competition, and it can even be dangerous. The long list of side effects is concerning, and there are many problems with these pills. If you are considering taking them, consult a doctor to see if it is safe, and find out if he thinks that these are right for you.

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