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Get Gorgeous Now is a book written by a person named Mary Jane. The Get Gorgeous Now book is suppose to give you all of the inside secrets, tips, and tricks to looking like the people in Hollywood. Supposedly, the person who wrote this book was just a plain Jane who was unhappy with her appearance and life altogether. So, she said she learned how to look like the people in Hollywood. Mary Jane says overnight, she turned herself into what she wanted to be. So, she decided to write a book to share all of the secrets, tips, and tricks to look like the stars in Hollywood.

The book has a one page site that asks you many different questions. If you answer yes to any of them, she says you need to buy her book. The book is $19.95 and is in e-book format. The site looks like a gimmick altogether. It is very unprofessional and a lot of text. The site offers before and after photos of different individuals. Because photos can be manipulated and altered, it is hard to believe that these photos are genuine.


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The E-Book offers tips, tricks, and secrets on how to become beautiful overnight. The E-Book is $19.95 and offers no guarantee on it. The book is suppose to tell you what type of clothes you need to wear, how to do manicures, fix your hair, and other things to help you improve your look.. The website offers before and after shots of what the book is suppose to do, but can you trust them?

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  • May provide helpful information.


  • It sounds fake, because it is too good to be true.
  • Many other sites are claiming the same thing.
  • The website definitely needs some improvement.
  • No one knows if Mary Jane is actually a real person.


The Get Gorgeous Now book sounds like a hoax or gimmick. There are no guarantees with this book and the book sounds unreal. This book is only sold in E-Book format and can be downloaded from many different sites. The author is suppose to be Mary Jane, but there are many other sites that offer this book and claim to be the author. Without a real, verifiable author, it is hard to really judge how well this book will work for you. Pen names are fine and work well, but not when anyone can claim to be this person and sell the book. It is more than likely something where you buy the resell rights to the book and set up your own site to sell it, and therefore is a marketing scam more than anything else.

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