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Get Healthy Now by Gary Null is a book that is suppose to tell you how to get healthy and stay healthy. The book is suppose to tell you how to detoxify your body, eat healthy, and more. The book can be purchased from places like Amazon. You can find it used on Amazon for about $7 plus shipping. The book is offered on the Gary Null website, but when you click to purchase the book, you will be redirected to the Amazon website.

When Gary Null advertises the book, it is a misleading advertisement. He talks about how it will show you how to detoxify your body step by step. However, nothing in the book can be found about detoxifying your body. So be careful when watching him advertise this book and think you want it. It is misleading. There are a few good things in it, but nothing like he advertises.


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The book is advertised to be a top of the line health book that will explain how to get healthy and stay healthy. The advertisement for this book is very misleading. Gary Null’s claims for the book are somewhat bizarre and he is starting to lose fans and readers because of his misleading truths.

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  • The book can be purchased for about $7 used from Amazon.


  • Advertisements are misleading.
  • Gary Null claims the book will show you step by step how to get healthy, but the book explains briefly about different things.
  • Several of his other books seem like they could be similar to this one.


Overall, it seems the book is not worth purchasing. It seems the advertisements for the book is very misleading. The book is not detailed the way Gary Null advertises it to be. If you really want to try the book, it is probably a good idea to buy the used versions which is cheaper. Gary Null has published over 50 books and it seems the more he publishes, the more ridiculous they get. Some may still consider him a respected figure in his field, but many more people are becoming increasingly fed up with the material in his books and moving on to other authors. If you have read his book or have considered reading his book, 7 Steps to Perfect Health, then you are aware of the necessity to cleanse and detoxify your body while trying to de-stress your life and get yourself happy. This book seems like it is pretty much a do-over of that one, and Gary Null needs to stop trying to milk the book money. Too many books and televisions specials definitely start causing a loss of creditability.

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