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Get The Sugar Out is a book written by Ann Louise Gittleman. The book explains why you need to get the sugar out of your diet. It explains how sugar affects your body and what certain sugars do to your body. The book breaks down certain foods and explains the sugar found in these foods. Most of the sugars should be limited when dieting. This book will explain which ones you should limit, which ones you should throw out, and which ones are okay for you when you are dieting.

You can purchase this book from just about any book site like Amazon. You can find this book on Amazon starting at $3 plus shipping. That is for used copies. For new copies of Get The Sugar Out, you will pay about $10 plus shipping. Most of the reviews offered on this book says the book really helps you understand the sugar you are putting in your body and helps you understand what sugars you need to leave alone.

Anne Louise Gittlemen is a very well known and highly respected Nutritionist and is the author of many books meant to help people who are struggling with getting healthy and getting their weight under control. She has her own website, that details her books and diet programs.


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Get the Sugar Out is a 224 page book written to explain the different sugars in food you eat. It explains which sugars are bad for you and which ones you should leave out of your diet. The book can be purchased from places like Amazon starting at about $3 plus shipping. In the book, you will learn which sugars you should stay away from and in what foods you will find them.

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  • The Get The Sugar Out book can be found on Amazon at a very cheap price.
  • All of the reviews found for the book are good.


  • There is not much insight into the book.


Overall, this book may be worth looking into. For a few dollars it seems like it could teach you a little about the sugars you should be eating and the sugars you shouldn’t be eating. It gives you an in depth look at sugars found in different foods and which ones you should stay clear of.

The book can be purchased for just a few bucks and you can read many reviews to find out if it is something that would interest you before buying it. Since there is no official website for this book or author, you will have to depend on reviews to get a better insight into the book.

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