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Get Up Slim Down is a fairly new product in the diet pill industry. This product is available in both a meal replacement shake, and a dietary supplement blend. With each purchase you get the shake and the pills, along with a booklet that gives a detailed exercise plan. These pills are not revolutionary, and seem to be just a generic copy of other similar brands.

This product has produced minimal results, but it is also fairly expensive. Most customers agree that it is not worth the price. These pills contain very few ingredients, and the amount of each ingredient is not enough to produce the desired effects. Also, they do have a 60 day money back guarantee, but it is only on unused, unopened products. This seems pointless because you will not know whether or not it works for you until you open it and try it.

List of Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Get Up Slim Down include orange peel, eurycoma root, green tea, and theanine. These ingredients are meant to help lose weight while building muscle, but there is not enough of each ingredient to produce the desired effects.

Product Features

This product comes in one month supply portions, and costs up to $100 per month if you are purchasing both products. Also, the pills do not seem to help much, and the shakes are not enough to replace a full meal. These products are overpriced, and the results are minimal at best.

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  • These products offer all natural, healthy ingredients, and have very few side effects.
  • Get Up Slim Down offers products that are readily available online.


  • Even with minimal results, this product is significantly more expensive than comparable products, and can cost up to $100 per month.
  • Get Up Slim Down is hardly an innovative product, but the manufacturer is selling it at prices that would suggest that it is a medical breakthrough.
  • The 60 day money back guarantee only applies to unused products, and this seems pointless because you cannot know whether or not it will work for you until you try it.


Although Get Up Slim Down is trying to sell a weight loss program, it is simply a diet pill and a meal replacement shake that are nothing new to the industry. Also, the ingredients listed are very good ingredients, but the amounts of each ingredient are not included, and there is not enough of each ingredient to fully accomplish its purpose. Finally, this product is extremely expensive when compared to similar products that offer the same or better results. This product is nothing new, and similar products can be found in other places for much less money.

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