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GiddyUp Core Exerciser is an exercise machine manufactured Sunpentown. The machine is designed to work like a mechanical bull or horse. You have to balance yourself to stay on it. Balancing yourself on the GiddyUp Core Exerciser will help tone your back and stomach muscles. You can program the exerciser to go front to back and side to side. You can program it to do all four or just two. You set the speed you feel comfortable with. You can also set it for the amount of time you want to stay on it.

Sunpentown does have an official website that offers the product along with other products. The website offers information on the GiddyUp Core Exerciser and information on how to use it. You can also find photos of the exerciser sitting still and being used. The GiddyUp Core Exerciser is $545 with shipping. It is rather pricey compared to other exercise machines. There are no guarantees or money back offers with this machine. Once you buy it, it’s yours.


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The GiddyUp Core Exerciser is built to strengthen your back and stomach muscles. It is a lot like a mechanical bull or horse and requires you keep your balance in order to stay on it. It allows you to program the time you want to stay on it, the speed you want to go, and the position of how it moves. The machine is $545, but can be found cheaper at other stores.

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  • It strengthens back and stomach muscles.
  • It can be programmed to what you want.


  • There are no money back guarantees.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is not easy to store.
  • Is not recommended for those who have back problems or those who cannot balance well.
  • Will not help you lose weight on its own.


It seems the GiddyUp Core Exerciser would be fun to play on if you like riding mechanical bulls. However, if you have back problems, you should really stay away from this exercise machine. At $545, it is quite pricey. There are other machines that do a lot more that cost a lot less. There are no guarantees with the GiddyUp Core Exerciser, so if you buy it and decide you don’t like it, you are stuck with it. There are no real reviews stating that it works. There are testimonials on the official website, but, who is to say whether those are real or not? It would be a great way to exercise without really feeling like you are exercising, but, there are other programs out there that cost much less that will help you do that too. Without the right kind of diet, you will not see weight loss, so this is something to consider.

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    Dave Armstrong

    I bought one, it broke six months after I bought it