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Gilad Janklowicz is a well-known fitness celebrity who has hosted his fitness television program “Bodies in Motion” since 1983. In addition to this program, Gilad has also hosted “Total Body Sculpt with Gilad” and a host of instructional DVDs. His Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program can be found through online retailers for a discounted price, and includes a program that will introduce viewers to how exercise can aid in the weight loss process. Once a customer sees success with Gilad’s workout programs, there are a variety of other regimens that can keep the workouts fresh and challenging.

While we like the fact that the Gilad weight loss programs incorporate plenty of exercise and fitness, we like to see products that also include a nutritious, low-calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement for best results. We found some supplements on Gilad’s website, but nothing that seemed specifically directed towards weight loss. We also found that some of the DVDs appear to include guidelines for healthy eating practices. However, the main principle of the Gilad approach appears to be that by achieving an optimal fitness level, the weight loss will simply follow. While this is true on some level, we believe that combining a fitness program with diet and a proven supplement will give dieters the biggest bang for their weight loss buck.

Product Features

The Gilad products primarily consist of instructional DVDs that provide exercise programs to target different fitness goals. For example, some are specifically geared toward toning certain areas of the body, while others are designed to offer maximum results in the least amount of time. We like the fact that each DVD is rated according to difficulty, so everyone can find a program whether they are just starting out or well into a fitness program and simply looking for a change. All of them appear to combine aerobic exercise with weight training for maximum benefit.

The Gilad website offers promotional discounts and ample information about the products. However, we were disappointed that we could not find a clearly spelled out money back guarantee anywhere on the site. We encourage consumers to look for money back guarantees on any diet products they try, since this policy allows customers to try out products at no risk to see if the products work for them.

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  • The Gilad programs stress fitness as an important part of a weight loss program.
  • The company has a strong reputation for helping people achieve fitness goals.


  • The program does not include a weight loss supplement to maximize workouts.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee policy.
  • Exercise alone is often not enough to achieve weight loss goals.
  • Really more of a physical fitness program than a weight loss aid.


While the Gilad exercise DVDs may have significant benefit in building fitness, they may not be enough as a user’s sole weight loss program. We prefer that effective weight loss incorporates exercise, a low-calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement that incorporates thermogenics for the best results.

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    Thank you for your review on the Gilad program. While I do agree with the majority of it, I also disagree with the supplements. Many of those supplements work against your body. They can work against your metabolism. The best way to get those nutrients is through natural foods that you eat daily. A balanced diet is better than a man made pill. So think you kind of mislead folks when you stress supplements instead of a proper diet according to the exercise you do per day.
    Thank you,