Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible Review

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Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible is a book about food and how to use it to cure various health conditions, naturally. Though not specifically targeted at weight loss and dieting, having something like this on hand to show you the benefits of eating healthy is a good way to encourage yourself to make lifestyle changes. If you convert from a junk food diet to a healthy one, not only will you be able to treat a variety of health issues, but you will likely see weight loss as a side effect. We will take a closer look at the book to help you decide if you want to include it your personal library.

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Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible is an encyclopedia like index of health issues. You learn what foods can be used to alleviate those conditions. The author is also well know for her book, You Are What You Eat, and she is a clinical nutritionist, so she is considered an industry expert. In the book, you will learn how to use food and herbs to treat conditions such as: migraine headaches, high blood pressure, asthma, infertility, and yeast infections, just to name a few. Going to natural treatments will help cleanse the body of toxins from junk foods and medications. Eating more natural food will increase your overall health, even if it does not actually cure what you are aiming to treat.

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  • Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible promotes people taking their into their own hands, and using a natural approach to treat many conditions.
  • This book promotes adding more fresh, whole foods, into your diet.


  • Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible may not actually treat or cure the condition.
  • Applying what you learn in the book may not help you change to a healthier diet overall.
  • This is not targeted at weight loss.


Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible is a good reference material for people who want to learn more about how to treat health issues on their own through diet, rather than pharmaceutical medicine and trips to the doctor. It is not specifically designed to help you lose weight, but by promoting the inclusion of whole healthy food into your diet, you should see some results. If you already follow a healthy diet, your weight loss “side effect” will not be as drastic as someone who eats a considerable amount of junk food. Diet is your first line of offense in the battle to lose weight, and defense in avoiding weight gain. You should also exercise regularly to help burn more calories than you consume. To lose weight even faster, add a proven weight loss supplement to the routine.

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