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Ginseng is an herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries because of its many benefits to the body. Ginseng can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, to increase blood volume or as an energizer. It is frequently found in male enhancement products because it is thought to increase stamina and desire. Some forms of ginseng are used to treat colds and respiratory tract infections and others use it as a beauty ingredient to enhance the skin. There are many different types of this herb, and even more uses and benefits for it.

Many weight loss supplements also include ginseng due to its apparent ability to act as a thermogenic, increasing the metabolism and convert fat to muscle. However clinical evidence has been sketchy on just how much weight loss benefit ginseng might provide.
Unfortunately, ginseng may not be right for those with nervousness, irritability or insomnia. Those who have a chronic condition or are on any type of medication should consult with a doctor before taking a ginseng supplement.


It is an ingredient.

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There are many types of ginseng on the market today. Chinese, Dang Shen and Siberian may be the most common ginsengs associated with weight loss. Chinese and Dang Shen ginseng are known for their energizing properties, while Siberian ginseng can help calm stress – a common culprit in weight gain. It is important to know what type of ginseng is in the weight loss supplement you buy, to ensure that the product will have the greatest positive effect on weight loss. It is also important to combine ginseng with other proven weight loss ingredients like green tea for best effect. It should also be noted that chromium provides similar benefits to ginseng, and may actually be more effective in promoting weight loss.

Weight loss supplements that include ginseng should specify what type of ginseng is included. It is also important to determine whether other thermogenic ingredients are included in the formula, since too much of a good thing will actually counter the energizing effects of the ginseng and could produce some undesirable side effects.

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  • Ginseng is an herb with many possible health advantages.
  • The herb has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.


  • Ginseng may not be the most potent weight loss ingredient.
  • Many different types of ginseng can confuse the consumer about which is best.
  • When ginseng is combined with other stimulants, the effects may be countered.


While ginseng is a common ingredient found in many weight loss formulas and other body health products, we tend to prefer chromium for the same purpose. Because ginseng comes in many different types it can be difficult to know if the best ingredient is used in a particular formula. It can also be less potent when combined with other stimulants. We find that chromium offers similar results, and has scientific evidence to back up its effectiveness. However, there seem to be few negative effects associated with ginseng.

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