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What you should know

Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. didn’t start out so much to produce health products, but to make a new line of beauty products. However, company founder Arthur Giovanni ended up partnering with a physician to create products that used natural extracts and natural elements.

The items that Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. sells are often referred to as organic skincare products. They’re supposed to be based on formulas that have absolutely no toxins.

Some have complained that Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. does not fully disclose of all of the ingredients in several of its individual products.

List of Ingredients

The company claims that its formulas regularly include herbs, vitamins, proteins, nutrients, minerals, and essential oils. The oils are cold pressed and refrigerated, according to the company.

Product Features

The Giovanni PureOrganic Technology includes ripe-harvested from renewable plants and exotic organic oils.

Its shampoos include: Shampoo 50:50 Balanced Shampoo, Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo,Golden Wheat Shampoo, Smooth As Silk Shampoo, and Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo. Its conditioners include 50:50 Balanced Conditioner, Root 66 Max Volume Conditioner, Smooth As Silk Conditioner, and Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner. Its magnetic line includes Magnetic Attraction Styling Gel, Magnetic Energizing Shampoo, Magnetic Force Styling Wax, and Magnetic Power Treatment. Its camouflage includes Beautifully Blonde, Boldly Black, Brazenly Brunette, Perfectly Platinum and Remarkably Red.

Many of Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc.’s products cost about $8.

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  • Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. has a wide variety of products, between its shampoos, conditioners, butters and soaps.
  • Several of the products aren’t too expensive, often costing less than $10.


  • Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. products aren’t terribly expensive, but you can find cheaper shampoos and conditioners from other companies.
  • Some say that company doesn’t completely disclose the ingredients in several of its individual products.
  • Consumers may find that other products do a better job at offering the type of mineral, vitamins and herbs they’re looking for.


Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. doesn’t just work to create shampoos and conditioners, and it doesn’t market itself as the cheapest company on the block. Instead, the company works to create products that are healthy and replete with the right types of herbs, minerals, and essential oils.

Not all customers will necessarily be interested in purchasing these products. Some will prefer to focus on improving their health by what they eat, not what they put in their hair. Others may prefer to focus on simply buying the cheapest type of conditioners and shampoos.

Some claim that Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. doesn’t fully disclose all of the ingredients in all of its products. Consumers are advised to fully research the products and be aware of what vitamins and nutrients they need before choosing to invest in these products.

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    Tea Tree Invigorating shampoo.
    Do you have a quality control problem or did you decide to change the formula to create the worst shampoo in the universe? chemical fragrance, no lather etc.