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GLA-90 is a weight loss product which uses Gamma-Linolenic Acid. These GLA’s are thought to mobilize brown adipose tissue to burn off excess calories and increase energy. GLA is known to help PMS, stiffness, eczema, and psoriasis, so how exactly does it help promote weight loss? GLA-90 is a 90 mg formula from black currant seed oil and products which claim to have this in it claim to help you lose weight.


Gamma-Linolenic acids are naturally found in foods, such as black currant seed oil.

Product Features

GLAs work to create chemicals in the body known as prostaglandins in the body. These prostaglandins are known to be essential in order for the human body to function. Also naturally occurring is Alpha-Linolenic Acid, which is an essential Omega-3 Fatty acid. Prices will vary according to the manufacturer of the the product along with the vendor it is purchased from.

It is promoted as a weight loss and/or detoxification program without real justification as such based on the ingredients. Detoxification programs will help you lose weight as far as the scale is concerned and may help to provide a boost of morale for continuing onward to a diet-though the pounds lost on the scale will just be water and fluid and not the fat loss that we need in order to be healthy.

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  • Work to reduce the appearance of certain skin conditions.


  • Does not contain appetite suppressants or fat burning ingredients.
  • Provided ingredient information does not provide promising weight loss help.


The fact is that there is no definitive research to support why GLA-90 could actually promote weight loss. The suggestion may have started with the fact that its supply of Omega-6 acids will reduce inflammation and work to keep the skin beautiful during weight loss could have spawned the belief that GLA-90 will promote weight loss.

When looking for a weight loss supplement which is clinically proven, and has ingredients known to promote weight loss. For best results, combine this supplement with a healthy, balanced diet and include an exercise routine.

The websites that were researched to find out how well GLA-90 worked as a weight loss supplement all seem to provide information that is quite the long shot to be true. While the product may have health benefits and improve the condition of the skin, it is probably not going to produce any weight loss results. Because of this, you should not purchase it if this is your main goal.

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