Glaceau Vitaminwater Review

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What you should know

Glaceau Vitaminwater products have become a popular alternative to water. They taste better, and the company says that they come with nutrients and herbal extracts.

The company touts the fact that many of its products are high in antioxidants, a popular word today. At least one product contains caffeine, which is often perceived as something that can help people lose weight.

Product details

One of the products, Glaceau’s Vitaminwater XXX gets its three X’s from the fact that it has three antioxidants: acai, blueberry and pomegranate. This products doesn’t have juice, but it does have the “juice-like” flavor with the fruit extract. A pack of 24 20-ounce bottles can cost about $30.

The Glaceau Vitamin Water formula 50 contains crystalline fructose, natural flavor, vitamin C, citric acid, and vitamin E acetate.

List of Ingredients

Vitaminwater drinks’ ingredients can vary by drink to drink, but they’re all supposed to have several different types of vitamins. At least one of its products contains caffeine. Different ingredients can include acai, blueberry, pomegranate, crystalline fructose, raspberry, natural flavor, vitamin C, citric acid, and vitamin E acetate.

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  • Glaceau Vitaminwater makes a strong focus to be healthy, with many of its products being full of antioxidants, berries and minerals.
  • At least one Glaceau’s Vitaminwater product has caffeine, which can help some people lose weight.


  • Some may argue that products such as Glaceau Vitaminwater are little more than fads.
  • The company seems at times to make a stronger attempt to be hip and to reach out to a younger crowd than to actually be healthy. For example, its Flash-style Web site is heavy on being flashy, but low on content.
  • It’s hard to find a product that’s healthier than water, which is also much cheaper than products like Glaceau’s Vitaminwater.
  • Glaceau Vitaminwater can cost much more than many customers want to pay. Some of its products come in a package of 24 20-ounce bottles for about $30.


Customers who evaluate their diet habits should carefully research a new product before using it. In the case of Glaceau Vitaminwater, they should really consider whether they want to pay for this product on a regular basis. It may be healthier than sodas and junk food, but is it healthier and as affordable as water?

The product’s Web site is flashy and makes a strong attempt to be hip, but it is slow to load on many computers, and it’s hard to find information about the various products. This raises another question: is the company more interested in marketing itself to a younger crowd, or in in actually helping people lose weight.

The fact that these products contain antioxidants, berries, and vitamins is a positive thing, but ultimately people do not simply lose weight just by buying a different type of beverage.

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11 User Reviews about Glaceau Vitaminwater

  • 1
    Barb Ricker

    I have been on Glaceau Vitaminwater since I was have severe electrolyproblems….now I am having kidney trouble…..could this be related?


  • 2
    nancy darling

    First of all I live alone and am 68 years old. I like your vitamin and would buy it all the time but I can not get the tops off unless I cut them as it is too hard for me to turn off. I advise you to put easier caps on if you want older people to buy itI can not buy them cause I can not get the caps off. thanks


  • 3

    Appreciate it intended for spreading this particular with all people today you undoubtedly understand what you’re talking about! Saved. Nicely also request information from my site Equates to). We can easily have a very weblink deal design of us


  • 4

    does the strawberry kiwi fruit water have caffeine?


  • 5

    Glaceau Vit H20 (Zero) touts no calories, but the lemonade flavor says 7 gms carbs which must mean there is calories and sugar in it?


  • 6

    They no longer make it. Not sure why.


  • 7

    Why is the flavor Drive so difficult to find now


  • 8
    Sarah Hamilton

    What are is in the “Natural Ingrediance” I am sensitive to 4 foods. Crab, cane sugar, corn, and yeast. Is any of these ingrediance in the “Natural ingrediance” part of your zero water?


  • 9

    Make sure you buy the ZERO Vitaminwater. The regular has sugars almost equal to that in Coca Cola (its manufacturer). The sweetener used in ZERO is sucralose. Too much sucralose must be counted as a sugar if you are diabetic. SoBe Lifewater is better for you because its sweetener is Reb-A (stevia).


  • 10

    Where is Vitaminwater manufactured at? I see on the labeling it is made for Glaceau, Whitestone, NY. But it does not state where it originates from.



    Coca cola. it says so on the label.