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Glanbia ProLibra is a new mineral whey protein. The ProLibra whey protein is currently patent pending and is a dairy derived product, according to the Glanbia Nutritionals website. It is considered as an all natural approach to weight loss. The product is not available commercially, but is meant to be marketed to other manufacturers as an inclusion in their weight loss products.


No specific ingredient list was provided as the formula is currently patent pending, and not available to an audience of consumers. What we do know is the formula comes from milk. According to clinical research, the product is all natural, and is a safe product to use for long term weight loss.

Product Features

The Glanbia ProLibra product claims to be the only whey protein based product that has been clinically proven to help dieters maintain a better body composition through the loss of body fat and helps them to maintain a lean body mass over a 12 week period of time.

A quote directly from the product website states, “Participants in a 12-week clinical trial who consumed 24.4g of Prolibra twice daily lost 82% more fat than the control group who consumed the placebo.” It goes on to say that those who consumed the Prolibra also retained twice the lean body mass than those who took the placebo. The Glanbia ProLibra mineral whey protein has a versatile flavor so it can be added to a wide variety of products such as snack bars, smoothies, and other weight loss products.

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  • Glanbia ProLibra may improve bone health.
  • Contributes to the recommended daily amount of calcium.


  • Doesn’t seem to be available to the consumer audience.
  • More information must be found out through a flyer or clinical research results.


Glanbia ProLibra does a wonderful job of providing clinical research to back up the product. It seems like it would be a great thing to include in other weight loss supplements. The drawback to it is that because it is essentially being marketed to makers of diet and weight loss supplements as an ingredient for a wide range of products, it cannot be purchased by a consumer crowd directly. Nothing was even mentioned on what it would cost a company who wanted to create a supplement with it. The best advice here is to keep your eyes out for a supplement that contains this special ingredient, read those reviews, and see how you feel about taking it then. For now, move on to find something else that contains proven ingredients with a healthy diet and exercise.

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    what if you are looking to gain muscle mass as a youth athete?