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Glenny’s is not a new diet company; this name has been familiar in the weight loss industry since 1979. The Glenny’s products primarily consist of low-calorie, healthy snacks that dieters can supposedly use to curb cravings and keep food intake low at mealtimes. The company cites research that shows eating a number of small meals a day can be advantageous over three large ones when a dieter is on the quest to drop pounds. Glenny’s provides smaller meal choices in pre-packaged servings, making them more convenient for dieters than the dreaded vending machines down the hall at the office.

Glenny’s provides a combination of sweet and salty packs, so dieters can find selections that suits their own taste buds. The snacks are primarily sold in bulk boxes containing twelve to 24 packets. Selections range from soy crisps and spud delights to 100-calorie brownies, crisp brown rice bars and gluten-free cookies. The website provides complete ingredient lists for all of the products and customer testimonials.

We were disappointed to find that there did not appear to be a money back guarantee on purchases. Glenny’s does not seem to support any other components in a diet program, such as exercise or an effective weight loss supplement. We believe that the best weight loss programs provide a combination of diet, exercise and a supplement.


The ingredients in the Glenny’s products vary greatly from product to product, but all seem to share certain features. They are low in calories, fat and carbohydrates. There are a number of soy choices, offering plenty of options in this healthy ingredient. We also found gluten-free possibilities for those on dietary restrictions. We do appreciate that Glenny’s seems to appeal to a wide range of tastes and diet needs, and that the company posts complete ingredient lists for each product available.

Product Features

Because the products are purchased in bulk, the initial expense may seem rather hefty. For example, a single box of soy crisps, containing 24 packets, runs almost $38 at the time of this review. However, we like the fact that bulk purchasing ensures that consumers never run out of the products they like the best. Unfortunately, the lack of a return policy means that you may be stuck with 24 packets of an item you don’t particularly care for from time to time.

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  • Glenny’s offers a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • The snacks are all low calorie and low fat recipes.


  • The company does not appear to offer a money back guarantee on purchases.
  • The program doesn’t include exercise or a weight loss supplement.
  • Bulk buying may mean a significant cost up front.


While the Glenny’s snack products may be a nice addition to a diet, they are not adequate as a diet program by themselves. We prefer programs that incorporate low-calorie foods with exercise and an effective weight loss supplement for best results.

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