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Gliding Disc Exercise is a piece of exercise equipment created by Savvier, Inc. It is an informercial product, which seems to automatically give it a bad wrap, because many of the products seen on television are not what they say they are. The disc was created by a woman named Mindy Mylrea, who is a fitness professional. She spent five years creating the Gliding Disc Exercise products.


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Product Features

Gliding Disc Exercise claims you can “glide into your jeans in 10 days.” The discs are used to work the thighs and buttocks, using a motion similar to cross country skiing. The product costs $19.99, so it is very affordable for many people to try.

In addition to the disc, you will also get a diet and exercise plan to use along with the disc to increase the likelihood of weight loss results. This is a plus as many products do not seem to encourage lifestyle changes while using their products. If you check out the product website, there is a special promotion for $9.99 ($12.98 for the DVDs) plus shipping and handling costs of $12.31 that includes the discs, workout DVDs or VHS tapes, and the eating guide. This package used to be 2 payments of $19.99! With shipping and handling included, you are looking at less than $26 to get started. Rush shipping is available (3-5 business days) for an additional $14.32, making the package less than $40, and still saving you money. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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  • Comes with a diet and exercise plan to show you how to use the disc to make it work the bet for you.
  • Has positive reviews.
  • Is a cost effective option.


  • May not help those who have weak or bad knees.
  • Is not recommended for children or pregnant women.
  • Will only be effective is used regularly.


For someone who needs motivation but does not have the money to buy expensive products, this seems like an excellent product to try. There are many positive reviews on other websites, and customer testimonials from dieters and fitness instructors on the main product website. Though it is not a weight loss supplement, it is a potentially powerful tool for weight loss.

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