Global Formulas BioHeat Review

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What You Should Know

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Global Formulas BioHeat is an innovation in the weight loss system. It intends to accomplish three results through its use: raise metabolism, promote better brain activity, and assist the body in flushing out excess water. The blends used to accomplish these goals allows fat to escape through many different metabolic pathways.

Their official website is still under development but advertises their products and allows consumers to purchase them or contact them.

List of Ingredients

There are three main complexes in BioHeat. BioTherm Amplifier contains synephrine, caffeine, and yohimbe. BioBrain is mainly made of vinpocetine and L-tyrosine. BioAquaCleanse is made of dandelion and uva ursi.

Product Features

BioTherm Amplifier is designed to increase metabolism and energy levels. Synephrine, its main ingredient, comes from a bitter orange plant. Synephrine is similar to an amphetamine like ephedra. The caffeine and yohimbe enhance the effect of the synephrine. BioBrain contains vinpocetine, a well-known ingredient for controlling the nervous system. It may have been added to balance out the impact of the BioTherm. L-tyrosine is also in BioBrain to help a person handle stress. BioAquaCleanse is a diuretic mix of dandelion and uva ursi. These assist the body in getting rid of excess water, leading to weight and bloating reduction. BioHeat is available only from Global Formulas official website at a cost of $46.36 for a 120-count bottle.

Global Formulas BioHeat has many advertised benefits. It boosts your metabolism, allowing you to use fat as a energy source. It targets brown fat. Brown fat is adipose (fat) tissue that provides a rapid source of energy for infants and children, in whom it is found most. It is brown because of the presence of mitochondria and numerous blood vessels. BioHeat enhances neurotransmitter activity, improving the efficiency of your brain. It gets rid of excess water, producing a more lean and defined physique. It suppresses appetite and is stimulant-free. Consumers of BioHeat pills will not have a “wired” feeling.

Global Formulas produce eight other products that range in price from $29 to $63 on their official website. Products include: BioTest-pf (testosterone amplifier), BioSupport (insulin support system), BioRepai, BioPro, BioHeat Hardcore (thermogenic amplifier), BioComplete (meal replacement), BioCell-Chelated Creatin, and BioBurn Endure (effervescent cardio complex).

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  • Three-part system designed to boost your metabolism, improve brain activity, and flush out excess water from the body.
  • Seems to be based on scientific research based on ingredients chosen for its products.
  • Comes in a convenient-size bottle.


  • Contains yohimbe that is linked to heart health risks.
  • Contains caffeine that is a diuretic.
  • Improved mental capabilities and extraction of water may not be directly related to weight loss.
  • Does not claim to actuate weight loss.
  • Other similar products available on the market (e.g., Recreate, OxyElite Pro).
  • Lack of testimonials or photos showing results.


Global Formulas BioHeat seems to have a scientific foundation on which it is based. The company has good intentions in flushing out excess water, improving mental performance, and boosting metabolism. The product is not designed to promote large amounts of weight loss. It does not emphasize the importance of healthy eating in manageable portions or regular exercise in conjunction with the pill. There are few customer reviews, testimonials, or photos and people seem to choose other similar products over Global Formulas BioHeat.

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