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Global Health and Fitness is an online personal trainer resource. The company will create a personalized nutrition and fitness plan and promises online access to a personal trainer as well as experts in a variety of health and wellness fields.


There are no ingredients as this is a service and not a product.

Product Features

In addition to the personal trainer, nutrition and fitness plans, and health experts Global Health and Fitness offers a number of other additional features with their service. Their Protrack Software allows the customer to track workouts, goals, measurements, calories, and other healthy lifestyle choices. Along with the workout plan, the program has more than one hundred fifty workout videos that give detailed instructions, as well as an option to print stills. Online exercise classes focusing on yoga, pilates, core training, and kickboxing are also available. Free blog hosting is also included so participants can journal their progress online and join a supportive and interactive community. Finally, the program has a wide range of educational materials available as eBooks, seminars, and MP3s for customers to gather even more health information.

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  • Having access to a personal trainer as well as all of the other tools offered by Global Health and Fitness is extremely useful in any weight loss journey. The tools make it easy to stay on track and having a professional on call twenty-four hours a day can be beneficial for people who need help staying motivated.
  • The personalization of the program is great for people who do not like following a one size fits all approach or for people who have tried standard diets and workout plans with little or no success.


  • The website looks a bit outdated with primary colors and over-sized text.
  • The website itself cannot help affect change for the person on its own.
  • The site does offer guidance for weight loss but the meal preparation and motivation for following the workout plan must come from the individual.


A three-month membership is $59.99. While this is an excellent price for a personal trainer who works with you on a regular basis, it is a bit steep for an online consulting service, even with the additional benefits of the site. For someone who is too busy to go to a gym or visit a personal trainer and yet still wants the personal connection this could be an excellent solution. However, there are many free websites that offer similar options with for no fee. If a person is willing to follow a standard, and healthy diet, diet and routine one of the free sites might be just as effective and would certainly be more cost efficient.

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