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Glucerna SR is a diet supplement aimed at diabetes sufferers made by Abbott Labs. Glucerna SR comes in several forms including shakes, powders, bars, and chews. These are sold as meal replacements that manage glucose levels and improve lipid levels.

Glucerna cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website but appears to be widely available in pharmacies and grocery stores. The website does offer a discount coupon to try the product. There does not appear to be any free samples or trial sizes so that consumers can try out the product first.

The website is informative and easy to navigate. The company provides details of active ingredients in the Glucerna products and references them to clinical studies supporting their effectiveness. They also provide a full description of the purpose of each of the ingredients in the formulation. A full ingredient list is provided for each product along with the Nutrition Facts label. There is also a page for customer testimonials for all of the products.


According to the Glucerna website, some of the common active ingredients in the Glucerna products are: chromium picolinate, omega-3 fatty acids, sucromalt, DAG oil, phytosterols, whole grains, and Vitamins C & E.

Product Features

The main purpose of Glucerna products is to help those with diabetes eat healthy with better management of blood glucose levels than with regular snacks. A side benefit is that many physicians and nutritionists believe that if blood glucose levels are moderated, the body stores less fat. This feature of Glucerna may help in weight management in those with diabetes and even those without.

The ingredients in the Glucerna products are similar to those in many nutritional supplements. The addition of Vitamins C & E provides anti-oxidants which can improve overall health by destroying the free radicals that can cause disease in the body. The whole grains ensure that the products contain fiber and they also regulate blood glucose.

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  • Healthy snacks for those with diabetes.
  • Readily available for purchase.
  • Contains some vitamins.


  • Pre-made food products are more expensive than homemade.
  • Not specifically targeted to weight management in diabetes sufferers.


Glucerna SR products are handy ways for those with diabetes to help manage their condition while providing healthy snack alternatives. Glucerna SR products may also help those trying to lose weight, but as the products are not specifically designed for that purpose, they may contain more than the recommended calories for weight loss. There are many weight loss aids on the market today that contain clinically proven ingredients like green tea extract and Citrimax. If weight loss is your primary goal, you may wish to research these products before trying Glucerna.

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48 User Reviews about Glucerna

  • 1

    my mother use glucerna 1.0 cal for specialized nutrition with fiber she drink always a half, which she offer me to drink rest of it, i have no glucose problem, can is use it i don’t want to throw it, and i like to share with her is it not any side effect to me.


  • 2
    Your Name

    Does glucerna bars contain msg?


  • 3

    I know someone who can drink 24 bottles in day and a half is this additives


  • 4

    How many times a day should you use Glucerna Advance?


  • 5

    My mother drinks glucerna and has had no problems…the other day she drank some and said it curddled in her mouth…it had not expired…she drinks this when she can’t seem to eat food but knows she needs something…she is a pill taker diabetic


  • 6

    Why is the Glucerna ingredient list unavailable? I have searched many sites and cannot find the list.


  • 7

    What is the difference between Glucerna and Glucerna SR as I have been sold the Glucerna as they did not have the Glucerna SR as they said it was the same ?


  • 8

    I drink glucerna a lot. The last case I purchased had a lot of sludge in the bottom. I did shake it several times before drinking and it was still sludge in the bottom is this normal?


  • 9

    Can a non diabetic patient consume glucerna milk powder for long term


  • 10

    I first used this product in hospital by dr orders for my type 1 diabetes I personally didn’t get stomach issues but I suffer IBS problems of chronic constipation but fyi fiber is known to cause stomach issues when used to much and your body’s not use to having the grams of fiber. In using one a day as meal substitute but also know since I have GI issues your body may need to adjust to changes with fiber in your diet try it a while it should get use to it and stop the problems, if not you may be using to much fiber with it and foods you also eat. Research your finer intake need daily track see if your getting to much fiber in your complete day of food/drinks. (Personal experience not medical advice what so ever) diabetic since 2002.


  • 11
    Your Name

    Why do I get stomach cramps w/ 1.2?


  • 12
    Your Name

    Have excessive bad gas when taking this product


  • 13

    I am currently substituting one sometimes two meals a day with glucerna/glucerna advance shake and the initial results are immediate control of sugar levels and weight loss.


  • 14

    If glucerna digest slowly does that mean we’re not allowed to eat the whole day ?


  • 15

    why does my sugar level goes up when i dr
    ink glucerna. i take diabetes medicine before i drink glucerna. my sugar level is 140


    Your Name

    Are you checking your blood sugar levels 2 hours after you first drunk it or once you finish drinking it?! That makes a BIG difference!!! :-)


  • 16

    Liquid in, liquid out. It may cause cramping. Only way to prevent diarrhea is to take a fiber supplement.


  • 17
    Lois Carl

    Can Glucerna cause diarrhea? I just started drinking it and have had two cans and now I have diarrhea.


  • 18

    Can anyone tell if Glucerna SR is now available with a different name “Glucerna” instead of Glucerna SR?


  • 19

    Too much DINERO per pack.


  • 20
    Ray Wisniewski

    If this is geared for diabetics, how come sugar is used in the ingredients? Why not include substances such as Splenda or Equal or another sugar substitute?



    Because Splenda, Equal, and other sugar substitutes actually damage the body, such as crystallizing the kidneys. Using sugar substitutes is way to dangerous and most of those products are banned in even 3rd world countrys.


  • 21

    Although I am overweight, I don’t have an appetite. So I use Glucerna instead of lunch or dinner. I also eat a fiber bar & coffee along with it. I try to keep each meal @ 300 to 350 cal. Seems to be helping keep my blood sugar even. I’ve been using it for 2 to 3 yrs.


  • 22
    rosalie washington

    does taking glucerma makes you lose weight?


  • 23

    Love the bars but would be happier if they came in boxes of 6 or 8 instead of the 4.
    Any chance of that happening?


  • 24
    Ed B

    Far too many carbs from sugar to be considered a “good” choice for T2 diabetics who are trying to control their BG levels through diet. I tried their products and had bad results with spikes 2 hours after first bite/drink. If they provide a non-sugared variation I will give it a try. Check the label in the store next time. There are too many carbs and the carbs are from sugar….it’s right on the label.


  • 25




    Did you take insulin before meal?


  • 26

    Is it okay to take Glucerna while still taking Prandin?


  • 27

    I need to gain weight so I started using Ensure.But, Ensure has too much sugar so I went to Glucerna. But it is for those who are diabetic. Am I wrong to drink this? I have lost 10 pounds for no reason.


  • 28

    Can a person not a diabetic use glucema?


    S.Anil Kumar Naidu

    I just started using Glucerna SR which has been recommended by my Doctor. My sugar levels when tested through HbaIC is between 5.9 to 6.2 over the past a year.How would it benefit me.


  • 29

    where is this available in chennai


  • 30
    Linda Lucas

    Should Glucerna be used instead of a regular meal?


  • 31

    bld sugr above 100 below 140 /wis glucerma reccommended ??


  • 32

    My Father has a feeding tube and Glucerna 1.5 cal was recommended. He seems to have diarhea after each feeding. Is there a way to prevent/treat this/


  • 33
    lynn yaroscak

    since ive been using this i have severe diarehha,every ones body is different ive lost sleep from it.the diarehha just pours out of me. since ive drank this product


  • 34
    Theresa Barron

    how many cans a day can you drink of Glucerna



    Can glucerna caus insomnia?


  • 35

    can glucerna be used by type I diabetics or is it prefererd for type II



    Can a person not a diabetic use glucema


  • 36

    My husband has been taking Glucerna one week and is experiencing diarrhea could Glucerna be contributing to the diarrhea?


    Denise Harry

    I’m on my fourth Glucerna can and have not experienced any stomach discomfort or diarrhoea. The only time I had those symptoms was on those weeks I started adjusting my metformin xr from 1g to 1.5g per day.


    marie cole

    Can glucerna cause diarrhoera in 85 year old lady


  • 37

    does glucerna choclate or vanilla shakes cause diarrhea?



    can glucerna cause severe cramping?


  • 38

    Are there any substitutes or alternatives to glucerna?


  • 39
    Elizabeth Arrogancia

    Please, I want to know how many calories are there in 1 scoop of glucerna SR. thank you