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GlucoBran is made by the Orovo company and is a fiber supplement. Fiber is a very important, and often neglected, part of a healthy diet. There are a number of benefits to eating a diet high in fiber. Fiber does not convert to fat, unlike other carbohydrates. Also, a diet high in fiber creates a feeling of fullness that allows people to eat less without feeling deprived.


Ingredients of GlucoBran include: glucomannan, oat bran fiber, rice bran fiber, psyllium husk, apple pectin, uinulin, fibersol-2, guar gum, silicon dioxide, and gelatin.

Product Features

GlucoBran was developed to help the average person who is not getting enough fiber in their daily diet. Both forms of fiber, soluble and insoluble, are included in the supplement. With this additional fiber customers feel full with less food and therefore are able to decrease the amount of calories they consume on a daily basis. While the supplement is not a traditional appetite suppressant it does help reduce a person’s appetite by making them feel satisfied with fewer calories.

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  • Adequate fiber intake is an excellent way to help improve weight loss. The types of fiber that make up this product should create a viable fiber supplement.
  • In addition to the various forms of fiber, pectin is also included. This helps the body release the carbohydrate that are eaten into the blood stream more slowly. The slower release helps avoid spikes in insulin production which can cause the body to store more fat.
  • The cost of the product if one joins the membership program is quite affordable. Membership involves monthly shipments and a lower monthly price, $7.89.


  • While getting enough fiber is an important part of a healthy diet it is better to get that fiber from foods than from a supplement.
  • The price of the supplement without membership is rather expensive at $39.99. As many people are not able or not interested in a continuous supply of a supplement until they have seen proven results, the price may be prohibitive.
  • The company does not offer refunds on products that have been opened. If the product does not work for you, there is little chance a refund will be given for the product that was tried.


This is not a traditional diet supplement and yet it can be beneficial in helping people lose weight. It lacks the stimulants and mood altering ingredients that are found in many diet products and provides a more natural approach. This is ideal for people who are not able to get an adequate amount of fiber in their daily diet. However, lifestyle changes must be made in conjunction with taking the supplement in order for a person to lose weight effectively.

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