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What You Should Know

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Glucocil is a natural glucose stabilizing supplement available at GNC and Walmart, among other retailers. According to the official website, the supplement is formulated to provide all-day support, but the name is little misleading. You have to take the supplement twice daily before lunch and dinner. For the first three days the dieter takes just one capsule twice daily, then two capsules twice daily for as long as they take the product. There is a free 15-day sample offered on the website, but buyers beware. The sample requires the customer pay a $4.99 shipping charge. The terms state the credit card will be charged for two months worth of the supplement just 18 days after the initial order. To cancel you must call the customer service department.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Chromium
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract
  • Cinnamon Bark Powder
  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
  • Insulina
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Phellodendron Bark Extract
  • Cissus Quadrangularis
  • Banaba Leaf Extract
  • Fish Oil

Product Features

Glucocil supplies some well-researched ingredients on the market. The research page is packed with links to clinical studies supporting many of the ingredients, including mulberry leaf extract, alpha lipoic acid, banaba leaf extract, berberine, chromium picolinate and various vitamins.

With such a strong formula and positive testimonials there is little wrong with Glucocil, but there are some issues that dieters should know. The free sample comes with an autoship program. If you are not interested in signing up for autoship you should purchase the supplement from GNC, Walmart or other authorized retailer. We also failed to find any before and after photos of dieters who lost weight taking Glucocil even though there was mention of curbed appetite and weight loss.

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  • Glucocil is packed with clinically tested ingredients.
  • The formula may help control blood glucose levels.


  • If you are a diabetic on medication talk to your physician before taking Glucocil.
  • May not suppress appetite for all dieters.
  • The autoship program details may be confusing for some dieters.
  • The clinical research descriptions do not mention if the studies were completed on humans or animals.


We like Glucocil. In a market where tons of supplements are laden with multiple stimulants and warnings of potential side effects, Glucocil is a straight-laced appetite suppressant that works by supporting healthy blood glucose levels. While the level of appetite suppression will not be equal to that of a prescription appetite suppressant, dieters may notice a difference in cravings over time.

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15 User Reviews about Glucocil

  • 1
    Janet Hunt

    I was recently diagnosis with MS and also was told because my family history, I am border-line diabetic, I am under weight but very concern about being a diabetic and would love to control this disease. I do not want to become a diabetic with my other condition. I feel I need to consult with my primary care physician and my neurologist to see if this product is safe with all my other meds, primarily (interferon 1-A) for the MS. I need something to help prevent the on-set of diabetics and this sounds like an answer to my prays, I am active I walk 3 miles 4 days a week or climb 21 flights of stairs 6 days a week in the winter. I need your honest professional in-put. Thank you


  • 2
    Rhonda Brooks

    My stepson is 17 and he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. He has ADHD and rarely takes his meds. When he does take his Adderall, it also curves his appetite. He is already under weight and the majority of the reviews state loss of appetite. I was looking for a product to help manage his sugar to keep it at appropriate levels, or at least help him in doing so, but I am concerned about the loss of appetite. He is very irresponsible and does not take his disease seriously. Harley does not check his sugar levels on a regular basis. His last episode his blood sugar was 1200. Terrifying, so again I was hoping to push this product on him to help maintain healthy levels. Would you recommend adding this product to his daily routine? And, your thoughts on the weight loss or loss of appetite, would be appreciated. Harley does not live with me so it’s hard for me to maintain any type of schedule for him. He has to do this on his own so I thought a supplement might help. Please advise. Thanks.



    Your son is VERY lucky to be alive. I was diagnosed at 18 in 1996. Thought I had the flu. Laid down for a nap then my mom couldn’t wake me up. She called 911. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, my heart stopped. For 13 minutes they fought to keep my heart beating. Through constant CPR and electric paddles I am alive now. The doctor told me my blood sugar was 986 and that he was puzzled as to how I lived. With your son reaching 1200, it is astonishing he is alive. I didn’t take my disease seriously the first few years. Because of that I now have severe Neuropathy, Cardiomyopathy, lost my big toe, have foot issues, bad kidneys, and am virtually blind in my right eye. Now I take my diabetes very seriously and have a tight control on it. I recommend Lantus insulin for his long lasting insulin and Humalog for short acting. That combo worked miracles for me. You can email me personally if you have any questions. I’d be glad to help.


  • 3

    I would like to know the side effects if we use Glucocil. Also, what other medications could have an effect of its use?


  • 4
    Earl Denomme

    I am taking glucocil, I am diabetic 2. I have restless legs sooo bad I can not sleep at night and seems worse since taking this. Is it harmful for diabetics stopping something needed for me in my blood?
    I am taking insulin should that be cut back?



    to get rid of restless legs put a bar of any kind of soap between top sheet and fitted sheet down below your feet. it works!


  • 5
    Earl Denomme

    I am taking glucocil, I am diabetic 2. I have restless legs sooo bad I can not sleep at night and seems worse since taking this. Is it harmful for diabetics stopping something needed for me in my blood?


    Linda Miller

    Earl, if you’re a Type 2 Diabetic, you are not taking insulin. You may take something by injection but it’s for Type 2 and not an insulin. If you do, in fact, take insulin, then I suspect you are Type 1 Diabetic.


    Wayne R.

    I am a type 2 diabetic and have taken insulin for years as do others I know. What makes you think insulin therapy is not used for type 2 diabetes?



    Type II diabetics do take insulin. They usually start with pills and advance to insulin if their A1C gets too high.



    I am type 2 diabetic and I take insulin injections. You should always check with your doctor before using any over the counter drugs


  • 6
    Earl Ladd

    just how safe it is


  • 7
    Allen Robay

    I am diabetic. A month a go I started to take Glucocil twice a day for 3 days and I went to one soft gel a day (before lunch meal), because I felt some light pain and disconfort in my stomach. I continued taking one for 2 more weeks and still feel the disconfort in my stomach. Today, I am not taking it. I want to see if my disconfort will stop or because of the Glucocil. I must admit that it curb my appetite.

    Any one could share with me their experience. Please

    Thank you


  • 8

    Is this a “diet” medication or a blood glucose medication?


    will conyers

    it sure does suppress my appitite. my blood level has went from the 300 down into the 100. some of the natural herbs in this product I have been using before. I think this is a good product.