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Many of the dietary and weight loss supplements on the market today focus on keeping fiber levels consistent and regulating the blood sugar in order to help people lose weight. Because many people do not get the recommended daily amounts of fiber, many supplements have been able to use this as a prime marketing point. The Glucopsyll product is one of these many products. Glucopsyll is a product to be weary of, based on the simple fact that very little information is out there about the product to clear up everything.


Psyllium Husk, Glucomannan, Fibersol-2 and Guar Gum.

Product Features

All of the four main ingredients are a form of fiber with different set of qualities. Psyllium Husk is a concentrated dietary fiber known to aid in constipation because of its laxative properties. It also claims to lower the blood sugars and cholesterol levels, though not enough information is available to solidify those claims.

Glucomannan is a more concentrated form of dietary fiber, almost identical to Pysllium Husk. Glucomannan comes from the Konjac Plant. When mixed with water, it can hold up to 200 times its weight and forms a gel mass which fills the stomach and causes people to believe they are fuller sooner. This gel has also been used to help vegetarians replace meat based products. Fibersol-2 is a brand name fiber used in many liquids because it has no flavor and low viscosity. Guar Gum is a dietary fiber commonly used in many foods to thicken them. It works like the other fibers in this formula to aid digestion, and is commonly seen in ice cream products. The suggested use for Glucopsyll is two to three capsules with 16 to 24 ounces of water in order to fully activate the effects of the Glucomannan.

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  • Provides plenty of fiber.
  • May reduce appetite.


  • Cannot be purchased without another product.
  • No official website.
  • Mixed consumer opinions.
  • Contains no actual weight loss ingredients.


Because the only place we could find this product requires you to purchase an entirely different product and offers the Glucopsyll as a free bonus product, it is hard to say whether or not this product is still available. You cannot buy the bottle of Glucopsyll, so you must pay $50 plus shipping and handling. There is really nothing to suggest this product will help one lose weight, and this could be the prime reason it is so hard to find these days. Simply seeing the product does not contain any appetite suppressants of note or any metabolism boosters is enough to send anyone looking for a weight loss supplement running. While it may be good for someone who has a diet low in fiber, it will not be an effective weight loss supplement choice.

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