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Glucorell R is not marketed for weight loss, but sometimes it is products like this that work better than some fat burners. The product description for Glucorell R claims the supplement helps the body use insulin more effectively and there is mention of the supplement being used in Germany as a diabetes treatment. While we don’t feel safe recommending an alternative treatment for diabetics, we do know that many of the natural treatments for diabetes have a hidden benefit for dieters. If a supplement can help control blood glucose response it can also help control hunger on the most basic level. Hunger control is extremely important when it comes to weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • R-Lipoic Acid
  • Biotin

Product Features

The ingredient list for Glucorell R is tiny. There are only two ingredients, but less could just mean better in this case. The example given in the product description is simple – a kid uses the carbohydrates he eats so you give him sugar and he gets hyper. An adult does not use carbohydrates in the same way – so he eats the same sugar and gets extremely tired. Glucorell R attempts to support the movement of carbohydrates to the cells so the simple sugars don’t get stored as fat.

Moving carbohydrates to the muscles also helps control blood glucose response. When glucose levels drop sharply, which often happens after eating a carbohydrates rich meal, hunger is triggered. The brain thinks the body needs more food because there is not enough to keep glucose levels up. Of course, this is not the case, but the brain doesn’t know any better. The dieter is hungry, they eat and they gain weight.

Glucorell R claims the R-Lipoic Acid is the missing link to processing carbohydrates like a child. There is quite a bit of information on how it works, but there is no proof the acid works as claimed. That is a letdown because there is research out there on R-Lipoic Acid.

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  • We found a complete list of ingredients for Glucorell R.
  • The supplement may support carbohydrate use in the body.
  • May increase energy and decrease fat storage.


  • There are no clinical studies listed on the Glucorell R website.
  • This is not a supplement designed for young dieters.


Glucorell R could be a great addition to your dietary supplements, but it is not designed for young people. According to the product description, dieters over 40 will see the best results. There is a section on research, but we only found quotes on the page about using the right kind of R-Lipoic Acid. We think this product could help some dieters control hunger, but it is not going to boost metabolism.

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