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The manufacturers of Glucosol tell us that each soft gel capsule of Glucosol contains 48 mg of Glucosol, which is in fact Corosolic Acid. Corosolic Acid is a triterpenoid compound that stimulates the absorption of glucose into the cells of the body. The manufactures claim that Glucosol is effective in reducing blood sugar levels without any adverse effects, and that it is effective even when those taking it are insulin dependant.


Each soft gel capsule of Glucosol contains 48 mg of Glucosol.

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It seems as if Glucosol is a product that has been conceived to regulate diabetes, rather than a product intended as a primary weight loss supplement. It is, of course, true that a number of people who suffer from diabetes have weight problems. Certainly if Glucosol is successful in stabilizing blood sugar levels then a bonus effect may be some weight loss. Corosolic Acid, which is in effect what Glucosol is, can be found naturally in banana leaf and magnolia bark. The manufactures claim that if you decide to try Glucosol you will only need to take one capsule each day in order to reduce blood glucose levels with no adverse effects. A pack of Glucosol capsules is available at a price of $24.95 and they can be ordered directly online. Diabetes can, of course, be an extremely dangerous disease and you should never self medicate with a new product without first seeking the advice of your family physician or your diabetic caregiver.

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  • Glucosol is reasonably priced to purchase.
  • It can be purchased directly on line from numerous vendors.
  • The manufacturers claim that only one capsule of Glucosol per day is effective in reducing blood sugar levels.


  • Glucosol is not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration for the treatment of diabetes.
  • There do not seem to have been any controlled, standardized tests carried out on Glucosol.
  • Diabetes is a serious disease and most experts say that you should not self medicate.
  • The manufacturers of Glucosol do not present us with any hard clinical evidence that it is superior to other supplements on the market that are designed to stabilize blood sugar levels.


We cannot stress strongly enough that you should never take any medication or supplements if you have diabetes without first seeking the advice of your family physician. With respect to any weight loss properties of Glucosol it would appear that it is primarily designed to stabilize blood sugar levels. If you do take Glucosol and it does succeed in stabilizing you blood sugar level, weight loss may then follow on. At the moment, however, we do not have any evidence that shows Glucosol is superior to other products on the market designed to treat this illness.

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