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Those selling Glucospsyll claim that it is one of the leading carbohydrate blockers and appetite suppresants on the market today. They say that it will help users to lose weight, primarily by helping to control the appetite. Glucospsyll is one of a wide range of weight loss products on the market that features fibre as one of its main active ingredients.


The ingredients in Glucospsyll consists of: Psyllium Husks, Glucomannan, Fibersol 2, and Guar Gum.

Product Features

There is not an official website for Glucospsyll, but it can be ordered directly from third-party online shops. Those selling this product tell us that the psyllium husk in Glucospsyll passes through your intestines, where the psyllium swells and acts like a sponge gathering up and removing intestinal matter. Glucomannan is derived from the Konjac Root and is a soluble fibre that absorbs water, forming a gel-like mass that promotes a feeling of fullness. According to the manufacturers, Fibersol 2 is also a soluble fibre that will help with digestion and Guar Gum, which is also present in Glucospsyll, is a soluble fibre similar to Glucomannan. Glucospsyll can be purchased at a price of $12. The manufacturers of this product do not seem to offer a money-back guarantee, nor is there an offer of a free trial period, as there is with some other weight loss products on the market. There ingredients present in Glucospsyll are very similar to other fibre based weight loss products on the market, yet the manufacturers do not give us any information that explains what makes it different from other products available.

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  • Glucospsyll can be purchased directly online.
  • There is a comprehensive list of ingredients available for this product.
  • Glucospsyll can be purchased at a reasonable price.


  • There is no official website for this product.
  • There is no money back guarantee or offer of a free trial period.
  • The medical community has issued cautions regarding the use of diuretics, which Glucospsyll practically is, as an aid for losing weight.
  • Glucospsyll is not the sole product on the market to contain, Glucomannan and Guar Gum.


Competition between the manufacturers of weight loss products for sale on the market today is tough. We are increasingly seeing fibre-based products such as Glucospsyll for sale all claiming to help you lose weight. Manufacturers really need to make their product stand out, by freely giving all of the information a new user might be looking for, and also by making it clear what distinguishes their particular product from other similar weight loss products for sale. In this case of Glucospsyll, users will be interfering with their digestive tracts, so a doctor should definitely be consulted before use. Unfortunately, the information on Glucospsyll is sparse and there is no official website. It is certainly not clear what distinguishes it from other fibre-based weight loss products for sale.

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    Stefene Garcia

    I am trying to purchase some Glucospsyll but I can’t seem to find it. Do you have an exact wedsite I can go to?

    Thank you!!