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GlucoTrim is a product now known by the name GlucoFit. This supplement is health supplement meant to help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels, rather than a weight loss supplement. Even though this is the case, the primary ingredient of banaba plant is an indication that healthy blood sugar levels will also help people maintain a healthy weight.


GlucoHelp (from Lagerstroemia speciosa L., 18% Corosolic Acid) Lagerstroemia speciosa is banaba plant. Also included in the formula are: rice bran oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, carob extract, silicon dioxide, yellow beeswax, zinc oxide. The product is free from antigens-chemicals which cause allergies-preservatives, artificial additives, or dilutents.

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The banaba plant leaves have been used for years in folk medicine to create a tea to treat diabetes. The tea and leaves contain corosolic acid and tannins. These two ingredients are known to effectively reduce the blood sugar levels without inducing hypoglycemic reactions. GlucoTrim should help with weight loss because of the role stable blood sugar levels play in the body. Having stable blood sugar levels helps prevent cravings for sweet foods and bad carbohydrates. The product claims it can also help to prevent diabetes, though this may or may not be the case. If you are someone with diabetes considering this supplement, you should definitely speak to a doctor before taking the supplement. This supplement should be taken one hour before breakfast, and once again an hour before dinner each day with a glass of water, or otherwise directed by a health care professional. Carefully follow all dosage recommendations. The presentation of the supplement in softgel format allows the body to absorb more of the supplement ingredients. The cost of the supplement varies on the vendor you choose to purchase the product from, though a single bottle will last a month.

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  • The manufacturer’s website is very professionally presented with plenty of great information about the GlucoTrim product.
  • The active ingredient in GlucoTrim has many studies to back up its effectiveness.
  • The fact that several different websites sell this product mean that you can shop around for the best deal.


  • GlucoTrim cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
  • Patients with diabetes may be tempted to take the supplement without first consulting a medical professional.
  • This product should not be a replacement for a diet low in carbohydrates and sugar.


While this supplement may be a powerful tool in helping people fight diabetes and obesity because of its ability to stabilize the blood sugar levels, it is important that a medical opinion should be given before anyone, especially those with diabetes, begins to take it. Once the doctor is okay with it, it is a very good, natural, treatment for high blood glucose levels.

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    a. baker

    is this safe. l already take
    a gilipizide and a thyroid medication is this product
    safe for me to take