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Glucotrin is described by those who manufacturer it as a blood sugar supplement. The manufacturers go on to claim that it can minimise blood sugar spikes, as well as enhancing energy and vitality. The manufacturers say that it will also overcome early signs of diabetes. They claim that Glucotrin is suitable to be taken by those who already have diabetes. Essentially, Glucotrin appears to be more of a metabolic regulator for those with high blood sugar than a traditional weight loss supplement.


The ingredients in Glucotrin consist of Banana Leaf, Perilla Seed Oil, Gymnema Sylvestre and Cinnamomun Cassia.

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There is an official website for Glucotrin and it can be ordered directly from this site. The cost is $69.95 for one month’s supply. Although the manufacturers say that you should of course read the label on the bottle for instructions as to product use, as a general rule they that adults should take two capsules per day. They say that one capsule should be taken thirty minutes before lunch and another thirty minutes before dinner. A number of ingredients in Glucotrin are commonly found in other supplements on the market designed to stabilize blood sugar levels. Glucotrin is certainly not a product primarily designed as a weight loss supplement, but rather it is one designed to stave of pre diabetes or to stabilize the blood sugar level of those who already have this illness. Of course, some people who suffer from diabetes when they manage to stabilize their blood sugar level, will often lose weight. Banana Leaf and Cinnamomun Cassia are both thought to promote healthy blood sugar levels. Perilla Seed Oil is a source of essential fatty acids.

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  • There is an official website for Glucotrin.
  • Glucotrin can be ordered directly from the official manufacturer.
  • There is an ingredient list available for Glucotrin.


  • Glucotrin is more of a blood sugar regulator than a dedicated weight loss supplement.
  • There is no comparative clinical evidence that looks at Glucotrin compared to other supplements on the market designed to stabilise blood sugar level.
  • The return policy for this product is unclear.
  • No free trial sample of Glucotrin is offered for first-time users.


At the end of the day Glucotrin is not marketed as a weight loss product but rather as a supplement to stabilize blood sugar levels if you suffer from diabetes or from pre diabetes. Of course, those who suffer from diabetes often also have weight problems. If someone with diabetes takes Glucotrin and they manage to stabilize their blood sugar level then an add-on effect may be weight loss. However, no one who has diabetes or pre diabetes should take this product without first seeking a doctor’s opinion. Obviously, diabetes is a serious health concern and doing anything that could alter your condition should always be undertaken with a doctor’s advice.

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