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Optimum Glutamine 1000 is an L-glutamine supplement designed for athletes and bodybuilders. More than 1,500 members of are currently taking this product, so there must be some truth to the claim that glutamine helps prevent muscle from breaking down during exercise. There are two reasons to take glutamine in supplement form. The first is to protect muscle when eating far less calories than the body needs and the second is to protect muscle when working out harder than normal.

The product description for Optimum Glutamine 1000 is simple and to the point. The product is made to absorb quickly and supply the muscle with all the glutamine it needs to grow and recover faster, but does science back up the claims?

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There are thousands of supplements on the market that contain glutamine. Some offer increased muscle size and others support weight loss, but what is the true power of glutamine. L-glutamine is a source of energy for the muscle. The amino acid is the first energy source muscles turn to, but the body can only store so much. If dietary source of glutamine are compromised during a weight loss diet or if the athlete is working out for hours a day, glutamine stores can deplete rapidly. The result is muscle wasting. Muscle will protect itself no matter what and that includes breaking down muscle for fuel. Protein is a great source of fuel, but protein sources are often the same source of glutamine, so no glutamine in the diet means no protein.

In other instances, the body may burn more glutamine than the athlete can take in via dietary sources. This causes the same problem, but there is no way of increasing glutamine intake other than supplementation.

Optimum Glutamine 1000 is a good source of glutamine, but the average dieter does not burn enough glutamine to need this supplement. If a dieter is exercising more than one hour a day with high-intensity workouts, a glutamine supplement may be in order. Glutamine will not interact with fat burners or appetite suppressants and it does not increase weight like some other bodybuilding supplements and ingredients.

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  • Glutamine 1000 contains only glutamine.
  • Will not cause weight gain.
  • May protect muscle.
  • Supports healthy muscle recovery.
  • May stop muscle wasting.


  • Not ideal for weight loss.
  • Does not support metabolism.
  • The dieter may get more than enough glutamine via dietary sources.


Not everyone needs glutamine, but no one working out for long periods will be hurt by taking a glutamine supplement. The product tends to be highly affordable, so the dieter is not spending a ton of money on a product that offers no benefit. Dieters must remember, however, walking 30 to 45 minutes a day is not the same as running for 10 or 15 miles. Glutamine is present in every muscle fiber and the body uses it every day for energy, but glutamine will not boost energy or increase metabolism.

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