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Protein Factory sells Glutamine Peptides with a lower molecular weight for increased absorption. For most bodybuilders and dieters, this information means nothing as molecular weight is an advanced scientific idea. Protein Factory sells both Glutamine Peptides and L-Glutamine, but according to the product description, Glutamine Peptides are more easily used by the body. The reason Glutamine Peptides are preferred is due to availability. Supposedly, peptides are more available to the body and thus increase amino acids faster. There are no clinical links supporting the choice of Glutamine Peptides over L-Glutamine.

Protein Factory sells all products from the official website. They do not offer a money-back guarantee that we could find. There are also no free trials sent out to interested consumers. Free trials are a great way to gain trust and following. There are so many supplement manufacturers out there that consumers must have a reason to choose one over another. Free trials are part of that selection process.

List of Ingredients

Glutamine Peptides.

Product Features

Visitors are not given any information on the source of the Glutamine Peptides from Protein Factory. There is a long list of amino acids and even a bit of information on chemical analysis of the powder. Glutamine Peptides are, simply put, a collection of amino acids found in protein. If the dieter is using a protein shake for meal replacement, chances are they are consuming more than enough amino acids. Glutamine Peptides may be better used by bodybuilders or extreme athletes who may not consume enough protein to supply amino acids in appropriate levels.

L-Glutamine is considered “free-form” glutamine. As a standalone product, L-Glutamine is unstable because it is not bonded to other amino acids, as it exists in nature. Glutamine Peptides deliver glutamine and other amino acids bonded so stability improves. Peptides may have strong antioxidant effects, which is why they are important to bodybuilders and athletes. Free radical production increases as exercise intensity increases.

Glutamine Peptides sell for $39.99 from Protein Factory. The fact that amino acids naturally occur in protein, bonded together as natural intended, this could be a high price to pay.

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  • The product description lists all amino acids found in Glutamine Peptides.
  • Online sales are supported.


  • No detailed ingredient list.
  • No testimonials from previous users.
  • No free trial of the Glutamine Peptides powder.


Glutamine Peptides may be a more stable version of amino acids, but the same amino acids are found in lean meats and beans. Paying $39.99 for Glutamine Peptides may be overkill. If the bodybuilder or athlete is consuming protein powder, chances are they are consuming amino acids as well. This supplement is not going to increase weight loss or fat loss.

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