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The Glycemic Diet is a diet based on choosing foods that are low on the Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index is the numeric ranking of foods based on their effect on blood sugar. If the food has a high number on the glycemic index, it means that the food will cause a fast spike in blood sugar and then and fast drop. A low number on the glycemic index means that the food will have a gradual effect on blood sugar which is ideal. The Glycemic Diet is said to help regulate blood sugar levels, helping to reduce hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, reduce the risk of heart disease and help the consumer lose weight.


Not Applicable. The consumer should have access to the Glycemic Index.

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The Glycemic Diet is based on making food choices that are low on the Glycemic Index, meaning that the foods will have a gradual affect on blood sugar. Consumers who are diabetics are said to be the best candidates for this kind of diet. Diabetics can benefit from gradual changes in blood sugar, reducing quick hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia changes, which may cause unconsciousness, coma or even death if not reversed. To get started on the Glycemic Diet, the consumer should first make a list of the carbohydrates that they eat frequently. Then the consumer should look up each food on the glycemic index. If the food is not found on the glycemic index, the consumer should look at the ingredients. If the food is highly processed, it falls under the High category. The more natural the product, the lower the number on the glycemic index. The consumer should then look at their list and try to eliminate those foods that have a glycemic index of 70 or higher, and then try to eliminate some food between 55 and 70. After eliminating some foods, the consumer can find lower glycemic index alternatives by doing research on specialized websites. The consumer can also balance their meals. If the consumer is eating one high rated food in the meal, then they can choose other foods in the meal that are very low to offset the effect. The goal is for the consumer to do the best they can, and learn how different foods effect their blood sugar and body.

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  • The Glycemic Diet is designed to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • The Glycemic Diet is proven by scientific research.


  • The Glycemic Diet may eliminate some of the consumer’s favorite foods from their diet.
  • The Glycemic Diet requires the consumer to pay close attention to every food they eat.


The Glycemic Diet is a good choice for consumers who have been diagnosed with diabetes. However, consumers with chronic conditions, especially diabetes, should contact their physician before making drastic changes to their diet. The Glycemic Diet is said to reduce weight, regulate blood sugar levels, and control the hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes that can be life threatening. There are several websites that can give the consumer step by step instructions and food lists to assist them in their health goals.

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    Cara Suchman

    What about juicing? Such as 3 apples 2 stalks of celery and 3 carrots? How do you count the Glycemic on the above? Thank you.