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Glyconutrients is a product put out by Glycoplex. The product is intended to increase the number of saccharides in the body to promote general wellness.

Glycoplex Glyconutrients contain many different ingredients, is 100% natural, no filler ingredients, no pharmaceutical binders, and is the most affordable glyconutrient on the market. Other distributors of glyconutrients do not stack up to Glycoplex because they place rice powder (filler ingredient) and overcharge for their glyconutrients.

List of Ingredients

Shark cartilage, shittake mushrooms, fenugreek, psyllium, lecithin, nutritional yeast, kelp, whey protein.

Product Features

Glyconutrients support the recognition and communication between tissue cells and are a specialized form of nutraceutical. Nutraceuticals combine food-based nutrition with pharmacy supplements that are designed to increase overall health. Glyconutrients are different from natural supplements. They give the body its needed monosaccharides that have been proven essential for good health. Instead of adding chemicals or additional nutrients to the body, glyconutrients work with what is in the fundamental chemistry and makeup of the human body.

Saccharide is another word for carbohydrate. It provides energy to the body.

Shark cartilage is designed as a general wellness ingredient. But it is uncertain what it precisely does for the human body. Shittake mushrooms are believed to increase immunity to diseases and promote good heart health. They may also assist in the absorption of other nutrients in the body. Psyllium is a popular dietary fiber supplement involved in cleansing and detoxifying the body. Fenugreek is reported to have a positive effect on blood sugar. Nutritional yeast is a good source of vitamins and proteins. Kelp (or seaweed) is a great source of iodine that is necessary for proper thyroid function. Thyroid glands must remain in optimal health because of its metabolism regulation and helping the body to operate at an optimal level. Whey protein is absorbed well by the body and is a common milk-derived protein.

Glycoplex Glyconutrients are available for around $44.95 at a few locations online.

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  • This product claims to have no filler ingredients.
  • It is 100% natural.
  • Claims to contain no pharmaceutical binders.
  • Claims to be the most affordable glyconutrient on the market.


  • Difficult to obtain concrete information on the product.
  • There may not be clinical or scientific proof backing the various ingredients in their product.
  • Over-consumption of kelp/seaweed may lead to iodine poisoning and an out-of-control thyroid gland.
  • Does not emphasize the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Other products may do the same thing and are preferred by many customers.


Glycoplex Glyconutrients are a great way of promoting health and wellness by utilizing what the body already has in its fundamental biochemistry. Its products claim to have no fillers, pharmaceutical binders, and are the most affordable glyconutrient on the market.

However, while it is possible (not necessarily easy) to locate information on Glycoplex products, there may or may not be clinical/scientific proof backing up all the ingredients. Some ingredients may have scientific backup. Others may not. There may be other nutritional supplements that contain some of these ingredients. Healthy eating and regular exercise must always be accompanied by dietary supplements to achieve permanent weight loss.

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2 User Reviews about Glycoplex Glyconutrients

  • 1
    freya zhou

    i want to order 3 boxes, or 12 big bottles of Glycoplex Nutrients. and i was wondering if there’s discount for large quantity of order. if you have that kind of information, or the company’s contact info, please let me know. thank you very much!


  • 2
    tim lee

    how do i contact glycoplex to speak with them directly about their product and inquire about bulk sale?