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Glycozene is a supplement that is very hard to find online. Natural Health, LLC – the same company that manufactures Glymetrol, produces the supplement. Some consumers believe Glycozene is just another name for Glymetrol though no evidence supporting these beliefs could be found online.

List of Ingredients

Possibly – Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinnamon Extract, Fenugreek, Bitter Melon Extract, Nopal Cactus, American Ginseng, Salacia Oblonga Extract, Banaba Leaf Extract, Chromium, Zinc, and Biotin.

Product Features

In January of 2010, Natural Health, LLC registered the name Glycozene with the United States federal government. The purpose of this registration was to trademark the name. Natural Health, LLC is located in Brea, California in a large shopping district. The business is surrounded by chain restaurants like Starbucks and Denny’s so the validity of the company is questionable. There is also the fact that Natural Health, LLC does not list Glycozene on their website, but several bloggers have commented about seeing late night infomercials for the product. The question that arises is – why is the company applying for a trademark and running commercials for a product, they are not willing to sell on their website.

The name Glycozene offers some insight into the possible natural of the supplement. Glucozene is an herbal supplement marketed by another supplement company toward diabetics for blood glucose control. In addition, several diabetic prescription medications start with “Gly”. Many diabetics are older in age and thus may become confused about which product is safe and which is an herbal supplement.

Many weight loss products will include herbal blood glucose regulators in an attempt to control hunger. When blood sugar levels crash, hunger is the body’s natural reaction. If these herbs were to control that crash and prevent cravings, weight loss would occur. Unfortunately, rarely do these herbal ingredients prove effective. There is no pricing information or official website information for Glycozene.

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  • None.


  • Glycozene cannot be found for sale online.
  • Natural Health, LLC does not present a professional image.
  • Glycozene is trademarked and commercials have run for the supplement, but the official website for the manufacturer does not sell the supplement.
  • The name may be confused with other diabetic supplements or prescription diabetic medication.
  • Some consumers believe Glycozene is just another name for Glymetrol.
  • Glymetrol is manufactured by the same company that registered the Glycozene name.
  • No pricing information could be found online.


Diabetes is a health condition that needs to be treated with prescription medications in some cases. Glycozene could be another name for Glymetrol and neither supplement will work as effectively to treat diabetes as other, proven treatments. Weight loss will not result from taking Glycozene or Glymetrol.

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11 User Reviews about Glycozene

  • 1

    I repeatedly told the salesman who tried to sell other items connected to this company that I didn’t want any money WHATSOEVER except the shipping charges taken from my account and found several different companies taking monies from the account. I blasted them and they promised to refund my money to my account, but what a headache. DON’T TRUST THIS COMPANY. How bad is it to scam people suffering from diabetes for their own profit. Beware.


  • 2
    nora renteria

    thank you!!! it is people like you who keep people like me from being scammed! god bless you



    Thank Heavens for this page as I got an A1C of 8.4 from my doctor and almost ordered this which is disappointing as they raised my hopes on late night TV


  • 3
    lynn isbelle

    this company also charged my credit card for product i neither ordered nor had yet received when i called to dispute the charge. i told them i would refuse the shipment, not accept it from the post office. they said they still would not refund the money because they believe i agreed to ‘automatic shipments’ when i ordered the trial product. i don’t believe i did & the paperwork that came w/ the trial shipment states that if one decides to keep the trial bottles ‘do nothing & we’ll charge your credit card ONE EASY PAYMENT’ for the trial bottles. it mentions NOTHING re: automatic shipments.
    those initial delivery papers also state ‘glycozene provides a 30-day money back guarantee on all non-trial orders.’ well, this disputed shipment IS a non-trial shipment…but still no agreement to refund!
    i will neither do further business with this company nor recommend it.
    this company is owned by ‘natural health network, llc.’ of brea, ca. and there are multple complaints of this type for their products, glycozene, glymetrol, colon flow, among others.


  • 4
    Ken Murphy

    I tried this product and got some results but soon after the trial period the company went into my account outside of the agreement made then refused to refund my money.
    I told someone else about the product before my ordeal and learnt eventually that they also had to cancel because the company began to access money from their account outside the agreement made.



    Looks like alot of people had the same experience that I had. Tried to ask for a Return Merchandise Authorization form. Told me that I could not return the product. I finally got the customer service rep to give me a cancallation number. If they take any thing else out of my account, guess what “BBB” will get a letter.


  • 5

    I too saw their infomercial and subscribed to the product. I entered an agreement to receive a shipment every two months. After the trial period, I received a shipment from them. Two WEEKS after that they raided my account and sent another shipment. when I contacted them about it, they refused to refund me claiming that they have not received the returned shipment. They are an unscrupulous company designed to scam the unsuspecting public.
    I had shared the initial info with someone else who started a subscription with them and went through a similar experience with them. If there are other individuals out there who had any kind of bad experience with this company, I urge you to speak up so that there may be an investigation into this company. I am not giving up. I need to get back my money. Don’t you?


    lenore nieters

    thank you for blogging your story here. i am going thru this right now. just got off the phone with them & am so angry! am not going to accept their recent unordered shipment, notify my bank to dispute their unauthorized billing, & will see what happens…


  • 6
    P. Boat

    I subscribed to Glycozene for a free trial and I called to cancel my membership thereafter with my reference number 1AA23770999 but later realized that they have taken money from my account. I called the company and the feedback wasn’t helpful. This product is a rip-off, a scam, and ineffective.


    Phil Bennett

    You should know by now that if it’s aired on TV, it’s the LAST thing you need.


  • 7
    John Willis

    Can I see a list of side effects.