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Glymetrol is a supplement manufactured by Natural Health Network, LLC. The supplement has come under fire for promoting healthy blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. According to the online literature, Glymetrol maintains healthy glucose levels and insulin sensitivity that could lead diabetics to believe there is no need for additional prescription medication once they start taking Glymetrol.

List of Ingredients

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinnamon Extract, Fenugreek, Bitter Melon Extract, Nopal Cactus, American Ginseng, Salacia Oblonga Extract, Banaba Leaf Extract, Chromium, Zinc, and Biotin.

Product Features

The ingredient list of Glymetrol is not that different from some weight loss products or diabetic supplements. Cinnamon, Ginseng and Chromium are often used to control blood glucose levels in dietary supplements aimed at reducing food cravings. Rarely do these supplements claim maintenance of healthy glucose and insulin resistance levels the way Natural Health Network, LLC markets Glymetrol. For this reason, Glymetrol has appeared on many fraud reports with complaints posted all over the Internet about the ineffectiveness of the supplement.

While there is always a place for natural supplementation in overall health maintenance, patients with diabetes or those trying to lose weight are not going to find prescription support from Glymetrol. There is simply no medical evidence that any ingredients on the list function to reduce weight or significantly affect blood sugar levels. If patients feel the supplement will work to maintain glucose levels stabilized by prescription medications, a sudden rise in sugar may result which could cause significant health problems.

Glymetrol offers an official website, which lists the product as a diabetic multi-vitamin and mineral complex. The FAQs section goes so far as to suggest patients with diabetes consult their physician before taking the product. Due to the huge number of negative comments about Glymetrol online, we do not doubt these changes were recently made.

Glymetrol offers a free trial for $9.95 to cover shipping and handling. There is no information on the website pertaining to an additional charge on the credit card used for shipping and handling, though many supplement companies do charge the full price of the supplement later or place the supplement on an auto-ship program. The regular price for Glymetrol is $99.95 plus shipping and handling.

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  • Glymetrol lists all ingredients.
  • Patients are advised to contact their physician before starting the supplement.


  • Glymetrol is very over-priced.
  • Some patients may believe the supplement can replace prescription medications.
  • Consumer views of Glymetrol area very bad.


Diabetes is a serious medical condition and while many of the ingredients used in Glymetrol are also used in weight loss remedies, it seems the supplement is not effective for either condition. Diabetics need to consult with a doctor before choosing natural supplementation to regulate blood glucose levels. Dieters may find more support for their weight loss efforts with a fat burner.

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4 User Reviews about Glymetrol

  • 1
    Vanessa Reitano

    Please folks take it correctly
    I do. I put it in unsweetened applesauce, out of the gel cap, along with added cinnamon, and a pill of glipizide I wait about 30 minutes before I eatin the am and it helps to get my sugar going down at least 180 down to 160 it then gets my simple breakfast of Oatmeal Splenda
    light cream or milk tea or coffee black nothing in it. maybe 1/2 banana, or fresh blueberries1/2 cup. Bingo a good lowered day to start my life journey. It is usually 2 capsules, taken apart and put in apple- it works fine for my needs.I always see results.


  • 2

    This company has ripped off my wife without her ever knowing what was happening. She responded to a free trial offer for $9.99, and ended up with a unexpected $99.00 additional charge on our credit card. There was no response to the phone number for the company listed on my credit card the first few times I called, and when contact was finally made the company would not make a refund. The contents of this item can purchased elsewhere for about 60 percent less — from a extremely ethical board certified Integrative Medicine Cardiologist named Dr Steven Sinatra. The phone number appears to be an answering service which refused to give telephone information for the company itself. The phone representative was unable to provide any information regarding the professional stature or credentials of the doctor he claims has endorsed the product. How can anyone even trust the content of their products if they are unwilling to provide telephone contact information. The company has insufficent transparency as to product cost, policy, and procedures. There is a reference to christianity in some of the google links. This lack of forthright and transparent information to customers is certainly not what one hopes to find from someone that identifies themself with christianity. My wife was suckered into this trial which turned out to something completely different than she expected. I am a supporter of using supplements, but unfortunately this company is among the companies that give those that namufacture and market supplements a bad name.


  • 3
    Jon Hallstein

    As a diabetic, I can not speak to the effectiveness of Glymetrol, specifically; however, I actively take many of the ingredients found in Glymetrol (Cinnamon, Fenugreek seeds, Bitter Gourd) and apple cider vinegar. And I can tell you unequivocally that I have had “dramatic” weight loss results over the last 4 weeks (30lbs). With that said, there very well may be health risks for the course of natural treatment I am pursuing; but, it seems logical, given my experience, that Glymetrol is a product on the right course in thinking about effective treatments for insulin resistance and metabolic disorders.


  • 4

    I have been using Glymetrol for 2 months and I am here to tell you that it works. Yes, I have been billed for my “FREE” trial. The term is perhaps a bit misleading but nonetheless it is clearly spelled out when you receive the product.

    All I can say is that I am taking it along with my metformin and my sugar has dropped substantially. A Rip off? Try it first, like I did and you be the judge. This stuff works.