GNC Herbal Plus Standardized Guarana Review

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GNC is a trusted name in supplements. The company sells branded products as well as products from other manufacturers. GNC Herbal Plus Standardized Guarana is a stimulating ingredient that is commonly used in weight loss supplements as a fat burner. Despite this fact, GNC Herbal Plus Standardized Guarana does not claim weight loss benefits. Dieters taking other weight loss products should be wary of taking this supplement as it may cause negative side effects if the weight loss product also contains stimulants. GNC supports online ordering and product reviews are available on the official website. There are no free trial offers and we could find no money-back guarantee. The product is available online and in GNC stores.

List of Ingredients

Guarana Seed Extract 250 mg (90 mg caffeine).

Product Features

According to the product label, only one capsule of the GNC Herbal Plus Standardized Guarana should be taken daily. But, reviews from users claim some people take up to eight capsules per day. Eight capsules would supply 720 mg of caffeine per day, far more than any dieter should take for energy or weight loss. The same user also claims the effects of the supplement wear off over time, which is common for caffeine.

Caffeine tends to be very effective for boosting energy for a short time then the body gets used to the caffeine and becomes dependent on the supplement. This leads to caffeine addiction which causes caffeine withdrawal if a supplement is stopped. Cycling the supplement may work to keep the product effective, but there will be caffeine withdrawals every week or two as the body learns to live without the extra stimulation.

Will the product effectively cause weight loss? It could cause some weight loss when taken with an appetite suppressant and other proven weight loss ingredients, only due to the caffeine however. Guarana itself is not proven to increase weight loss at all, though caffeine is proven.

The GNC Herbal Plus Standardized Guarana supplement sells for $13.49 from GNC. This is far lower compared to other fat burners but more expensive than caffeine based energy supplements.

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  • Caffeine will increase metabolism.


  • The body may get used to the supplement over time.
  • No appetite suppressant.
  • More expensive compared to other energy supplements.


GNC may be a trusted company, but this product is purely useless to the dieter without an appetite suppressant. Increasing heart rate and metabolism will increase hunger, which is a problem when eating a reduced calorie diet to lose weight. When taken before exercise, the increased heart rate could cause side effects like jitters and nausea which could stop the dieter from wanting to exercise. Exercise is crucial to losing weight.

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