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GNC (General Nutrition Centers) is the world’s largest company of its kind that is devoted to improving the health and well-being of its customers through providing supplements. Their official website reports that the supplements it markets must have truthful and accurate label information and ingredient safety and potency.

The quality of their products are ensured through scientific research and results, cutting-edge technology, new product discovery, and packaging and manufacturing processes.

At the time of this review, GNC offered a Gold Card that will save consumers of their products an extra 20% off on the day they purchase as well as on the first seven days of every month for a whole year. Free shipping is offered on orders of $99 or more through their website.

List of Ingredients

N/A. GNC is a company that sells numerous supplements. All of these contain their own ingredients. A complete list of all ingredients in GNC’s product line is available in alphabetical order on their official website.

Product Features

GNC offers vitamins and supplements, healthy foods and snacks, super foods and greens, bath and body products, and equipment and accessories. They also distribute products for sports nutrition, protein, dieting, cleansing and digestion, herbs, and energy and endurance.

GNC offers products for many types of conditions, including allergies, bone support, cardiovascular health, dehydration, diabetic health, digestive health, eyes and vision, healthy aging, heart and circulation, immune system, increased energy, joint health, kidney and urinary, liver health, low energy, menopause, pain relief, prenatal, skin care, sleep and relaxation, sleep aids, and stress. They have seemingly endless product brand names in their stores. Their official website allows you to shop for products based on your specific goal(s). These include allergy relief, building muscle, general health, healthy aging, prostate health, weight loss, and weight maintenance, among others. It is also possible to shop for GNC products based on a specific ingredient. Some of these include acai, creatine, Dead Sea minerals, lycopene, protein, and various vitamins (A, B, C, D, E).

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  • Provides numerous products for all kinds of health and wellness goals.
  • World’s largest company of its kind.
  • Dedicated to providing truthful labeling information to customers and products that are potent.
  • Free shipping available with online purchases over $99 and discounts available in-store through Gold Card.


  • Products a little on the expensive side. Products may be cheaper through online retail websites rather than in actual store.
  • No before and after photos on website.
  • No money back guarantee on products.
  • Some products contain ingredients that have negative side effects (e.g., yohimbe).
  • No free gift comes with purchase.
  • Some products may contain too many ingredients in ineffectual quantities.


GNC is the world’s largest distributor of health and wellness products. It has products for all kinds of conditions (e.g., sleep aids, kidney and urinary, etc.). Its official website is very professional and easy to navigate through. They claim to support truthful labels on their shelves, cutting-edge technology, and superior packaging and manufacturing processes.

However, the GNC website does not have before and after photos and its products may be a little expensive in-store when compared to other online retail sites. There is no money-back or satisfaction guarantee and some products may contain too many ingredients with harmful side effects.

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3 User Reviews about GNC

  • 1
    Royden Johnson

    Started taking Mega Men Sport, and started to feel as i would pass out. Tightness in my chest and breathing alittle harder. I have no heart condition, had a full physical before starting on this product. Also have worked in the heathcare feild for over 30yrs. What could be in this product that could cause this problem?


  • 2
    Bob Slatt

    I entered the Harrisburg GNC store looking for Magnezium Citrate. The worker told me thet he never heard of magnezium citrate and asked me what magnezium is used for. He didn’t know anything about magnezium. I told him thank you and that I would order it online like I usually do. I couldn’t believe that someone working in a vitamin store didn’t even know what magnezium was.
    I won’t be going back there.


  • 3
    Lynn Yost

    I can’t find a phone number to ask a question (only sale related numbers) and the GNC question page doesn’t work. I want to know where their alpha-lipoic acid comes from.