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GNC Total Lean CLA claims to provide energy and support a healthy metabolism. CLA is conjugated linoleic acid and was once considered a healthy supplement to boost fat burn and protect lean muscle. Clinical studies have proven this claim to be untrue and reviews by consumers have deterred many dieters from taking products like GNC Total Lean CLA. CLA is linked to gastro-intestinal products in adults including digestion problems and upset stomach. CLA is not a fat burner or appetite suppressant, so there is no reason to believe the supplement will increase weight loss or help make weight loss easier.

List of Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Product Features

GNC links the GNC Total Lean CLA product to a review on WebMD of proven weight loss products. Our favorite ingredient, green tea is on the list and so is conjugated linoleic acid. According to the WebMD report, some clinical trials have proven CLA can increase weight loss. But, reading further into the article WebMD also notes the dieters were given 3.2 grams or 3200 mg of CLA every day for six months. GNC Total Lean CLA contains only 2000 mg or 2 grams per serving and dosage directions state it can be taken once a day, if desired. There is not enough CLA in the supplement at one dose to be comparable to the study listed. The dieters also gained fewer pounds during the winter months while taking the supplement. Gaining weight is not an option when it comes to a weight loss product. Side effects are also listed for CLA including nausea, stomach upset and diarrhea.

GNC Total Lean CLA sells for $21.99 in stores and $16.99 online. Some dieters who have tried the GNC Total Lean CLA product claim the supplement needs to be taken up to 4 times a day for any weight loss benefits. Taking more CLA will simply increase the chance of having negative side effects. Going back the WebMD article, researchers called for more trials to establish how much is too much before making recommendations for the supplement. Taking a quadruple dose could be defined as too much.

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  • None.


  • GNC Total Lean CLA may cause stomach upset and diarrhea.
  • The supportive link listed by GNC does not support the supplement.
  • CLA is not a proven fat loss or weight loss supplement.


There is no price that is low enough for a dieter to take a product that may work to increase weight loss. Proven weight loss products are available that are both safe and effective. Green tea and chromium cost fat less than GNC Total Lean CLA and are both proven to increase weight loss without diarrhea or other stomach problems.

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  • 1

    How much caffeine does it have. Gnc total lean?


  • 2

    Ever since I started taking this supplement I have been losing lots of hair!! Its breaking off at the root and pretty soon I will be bald! I lost prob 1/2 of my hair. Please let me know if this is or could be a possible side effect.
    Thank you



    CLA works very good for me,I don’t have no side effects taking CLA, I loss six pounds in my first week. I was weighing 235 when I started taking them in July of 2014 and now I’m down to 175 in December 2014, love this product GNC put on their shelves.


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    I’ve been concerned about this lately as well. Been taking CLA for months and my hair is def thinning! I’m going off before I’m left with bare spots. Not worth the risk even tho I’m not sure this is the cause.


  • 3

    does the pill realy work


  • 4

    I m hypothyroid can I take cla as well as l-carnitine



    I’m small (frame) w/a bit of belly fat as soon as I took one, I got this sudden cramp as if I was having menstral cramp then suddenly to the bathroom I go (I know “TMI”) so I just did not continue to eat anymore that’s my exp. I suggest go natural as possible and sit up will do. Thx for reading tata!


  • 5

    My 3-yr old accidentally ate one of these capsules; will this be harmful?





  • 6

    Do I have to exercise with this product?


    Your Name



  • 7

    Does this really work? My doctor recommended it to me. I get heartburn
    from this cla and was wondering how to
    stop or get rid of heartburn, hopefully
    weight at the same time. Also I was told
    to take 2 in am and 2 in pm cla is 2000mg
    4 pills Really? please advise. There are so many products for weight loss
    i need one that really works. I need to lose 40 pounds.



    My husband take Ceyenne Pepper supplement in the middle of every meal and this has worked wonders for his heart burn. He is trying to only use all natural products.


  • 8

    I actually lost quite abit of belly fat using this product with a good diet and exercise. I added it after I had hit a plateau just exercising and getting well and this help me tremendously.





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