GNC Total Lean Dietary Acclimate Review

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With obesity on the rise in the United States, a proper diet and exercise program is essential for individual weight loss and weight control. For many people, the word diet makes them groan because they immediately associate diet with starvation and, ultimately, with failure. Most people can attest to the idea that if you can make in through those first few weeks of adjusting to a new diet, you are well on your way to establishing a new, healthier lifestyle. GNC (General Nutrition Center) has introduced a product that will help individuals succeed in the early stages of dieting.

Total Lean Dietary Acclimate combines natural compounds with vitamin B-12 to help dieters feel more relaxed and calm as they start a new diet. In essence, this product was introduced to help dieters “acclimate” to a new diet program. Remaining calm and relaxed is especially important in today’s already hectic lifestyle. It is easy to see how a diet cannot fit into your life because of all the things you have to do and manage. Total Lean Dietary Acclimate gives dieters the boost of energy needed to motivate change.

List of Ingredients

Suntheanine L-Theanine, L-phenylaline, and vitamin B-12.

Product Features

Total Lean Dietary Acclimate contains Suntheanine L-Theanine, which is a compound found in green tea. It is best known for its ability to calm and relax. It also contains L-phenylaline and vitamin B-12 that are shown to elevate and improve one’s mood.

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  • GNC Total Lean Dietary Acclimate claims to calm and relax dieters.
  • It also claims to boost energy to motivate dieters to continue with their new program.


  • There is not much information available about this product; it is not listed on GNC’s official site.
  • It does not boost metabolism or curb appetite.
  • There are no before and after pictures to encourage the searching dieter.


The idea behind GNC Total Lean Dietary Acclimate is to motivate dieters to continue their new diet and exercise regimens. It is not a bad product, per se, but it does not actually help dieters lose weight. Instead, it focuses more on keeping dieters calm and focused so that they can continue their programs. There is not much information available on this product, and it is not even listed on GNC’s official site. There is a press release available with some information, but it is not enough to make a very informed decision.

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