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GNC Preventive Nutrition Triple Health is a 21-day colon cleanse. Each 7-day period is designated to a specific part of the cleansing process. Week 1 is called the colon prep week. This week is designed to get your colon ready to handle the stress of the cleanse. Week 2 is the colon flush week. This week is designed to eliminate all unwanted and unnecessary toxins that prevent optimum colon health and bowel movement. Week 3 is the colon renew week. This week is designed to replenish your colon with the good and essential bacteria that is necessary for good overall colon health.

There are many benefits to this cleanse. Obviously, there is the benefit of a healthy, fully functioning colon. Also, many people have reported feeing more energetic as the body rids itself of unwanted toxins. Still others have mentioned feeling less bloated. Some users, however, did not see any change in their overall health and were left unimpressed. It would be important to stay motivated to take the entire cleanse, meaning all three parts for all three weeks.

List of Ingredients

Mineral and plant extracts, powerful laxatives, diuretics, lactobacillus acidophilus (a probiotic).

Product Features

The cleanse comes in three different stages: colon prep, colon flush, and colon renew. Each stage consists of ingredients that aid in overall cleansing of the colon. There is not much information listed as to the ingredients. The GNC website suggests that you should refer to the nutritional label on the bottle in the store while you are considering whether or not to purchase it.

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  • GNC is a nationally recognizable brand, and with that comes some measure of confidence.
  • One package containing everything necessary for the entire three weeks is available for $32.99.
  • This product seems fairly foolproof; it is very easy to take.


  • The Triple Health colon cleanse is not designed as a means of weight loss; it is specifically marketed as a digestive cleanse.
  • Some users describe adverse reactions to the cleanse, such as excess gas and unpleasant taste.
  • There are more negative reviews listed than positive reviews.


Overall, the GNC Triple Cleanse seems to be an effective colon cleanse. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a weight loss aid, this may not be for you. This product makes no claims to aid in weight loss; it claims to rid your body of unwanted toxins that are commonly found in today’s diet because of overly processed fast food. This product is also helpful in that it does not leave your colon defenseless. It returns necessary bacteria to your colon after the harmful bacteria has been removed.

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