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GNC is a reputable supplement company that offers a number of dietary supplements and herbal remedies for sale. The GNC Waterex is a combination of nutrients designed to achieve and maintain a water balance within the body. The product claims to be all natural, with no artificial colors or flavors. It is also free of sugar, wheat, sodium, gluten, soy, dairy and yeast, making it a viable option for most people, even those on dietary restrictions.

The GNC website does a good job of providing ample information about the GNC Waterex, including a complete ingredient list and a description of what the product can do. However, if consumers are considering this product as a weight loss supplement, they may be disappointed with the results. While some weight may be lost rapidly with this supplement due to a reduction of water retention, the results aren’t likely to be very dramatic and will probably be temporary at best.


The ingredients in the GNC Waterex include Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Potassium, Green Tea Leaves Extract, a Vegetable Blend of Asparagus, Celery, Garlic, and Parsley Herb Powder, Uva Ursi Extract, Buchu Leaves Extract, Melilot Flower Extract, Couchgrass Powder, Corn Silk, Hydrangea Root Powder, and Juniper Berries Extract.

While this is a list of healthy ingredients indeed, there isn’t much on the roster that will address specific weight loss needs. The only one that stands out from the pack to us is green tea leaves extract, which provides valuable thermogenic abilities to boost the metabolism and increase energy. It is also an effective diuretic, which is probably why it made its way into this particular formula.

Product Features

GNC Waterex is available through GNC stores and the company website. Consumers can also find the product for sale through some other online retailers. GNC Waterex sells for about $13 on the GNC website at the time of this review. Gold card members can purchase the product for a discount. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any sort of money back guarantee listed on the GNC website. We believe that this type of policy is important in showing a company’s confidence in their products, as well as allowing consumers to shop risk free for untried items.

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  • GNC Waterex includes green tea leaves extract in its formula.
  • The ingredient list is filled with nutrients for good overall health.


  • Aside from green tea, this product doesn’t contain any effective weight loss ingredients.
  • Water weight loss is generally small and temporary.
  • The product does not include advice about diet and exercise in a weight loss program.


While GNC Waterex may be quite efficient at curbing symptoms of PMS and other types of water retention, it doesn’t appear particularly potent as a long term weight loss supplement. We prefer products that include a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant for best weight loss results.

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4 User Reviews about GNC Waterex

  • 1

    What is use of waterex please explain


  • 2

    Taking Levothyroxine for underactive thyroid. Have bloating in waste area. Will this hurt if I don’t water retention? I also eat a lot of salty foods.


  • 3

    Took waterex today, and within the afternoon, my face broke out in a million tiny bumps, my face feels like a cross between leather and brail, not to mention the constant itching!! It is now later into the night and the bumps have not gone away!



    This is a rare but normal allergic reaction to this type of supplement. Stop taking it and find something else that your body likes better.