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What You Should Know

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GNC Weight Loss System is a complete weight loss system. With the system, you will receive three different types of supplements that each do something different. You will also receive a menu that suggests what you should eat while using this weight loss system. They also provide you with tips on how to exercise, a journal to help you keep track of your weight loss, and a pill container to help you keep track of your daily intake.

The daily supplements will help you lose weight by burning calories, suppressing your appetite, boosting your energy level, and increasing your metabolism. The exercise tips will help you maintain a healthy workout. The journal will help you keep up with your daily results. You can purchase the GNC Weight Loss System from the GNC website or from any GNC store. The 60 day program will cost you right at $90. If you are purchasing the weight loss system from their website, you will need to include shipping.


Black tea extract, green tea extract, yerba mate, coffee bean extract, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, and linoleic acid.

Product Features

There are three supplements with the weight loss system. The three supplements are Control ACS, Tonalin CLA, and Fiber. The Control ACS supplement is what increases your metabolism and controls your appetite. Tonalin CLA is what helps keep your cholesterol at a good level. The Fiber supplement will help keep your digestive system healthy and make you feel full. There are good vitamins and minerals in this supplement line, but those with caffeine sensitivity should be careful when taking this supplement because of the natural source of caffeine found in green tea extract.

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  • One of the supplements contains Vitamin B6.
  • For $90, you receive a complete weight loss system.


  • Three supplements have to be taken daily.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee with this product.
  • There appears to be no testimonials available for the GNC Weight Loss System.


This is a complete weight loss system put out by GNC. The weight loss system provides everything you need except the food. Keep in mind when you purchase this program, you will still have to purchase your food. The program will cost you about $90 and you will still need to purchase your food.

The weight loss system will provide you with quite a bit. The only other thing you will need to do is buy your food and lay out a plan for your exercising. With the system, tips will be given for the exercises. However, all of this may be a bit more complicated than what many dieters are looking for.

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    is this product get to take if i have ovaries problem or mensis problem?


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    Gabrielle Thomson

    Is this product get to take if you are hypertensive?


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