GNLD Bio Tone Trimming System Review

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GNLD Bio Tone Trimming System is a formula thought to help increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass. Their website offers a great deal of information on the science behind the formula, and is very easy for most people to use in order to find what they need to find. There is a list of distributors on the website so that everyone can find a place to purchase products in their local area, choosing one that is most convenient for them.


Bio-Tone Trimming System contains L-arginine HCl, L-ornithine, L-tyrosine, “Special Factors Blend” (lipotropic factors choline and Inositol).

Arginine, Ornithine, and Tyrosine are important components of efficient metabolism. Arginine is used in the production of Nitric Oxide by relaxing blood vessels and aiding blood flow.

Product Features

The GLND Bio Tone Trimming System is full of ingredients that may have health benefits, but none of them seem to be any beneficial to weight loss. These will help boost energy levels and burn fat, but may not do much of anything else.

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  • GLND Bio Tone Trimming Formula claims to aid in muscle development and fat mobilization.


  • The GLND Bio Tone Trimming does not contain a well-know fat burner
  • The GLND Bio Tone Trimming does not contains a well-known appetite suppressant
  • The GLND Bio Tone Trimming website has no pricing information for consumers. Consumers must take time to find and contact a distributor.
  • The GLND Bio Tone Trimming website does not have any sort of quality guarantee posted for consumers.


The GLND website does not list any prices for the product, though people can contact a distributor to find out the price and comparison shop this way. The fact that no price is shown is not a good sign. While the website offers good information about the product and even has a great deal of consumer testimonials, it would be more helpful to be able to order the product directly, and it would be nice to see at the very least a manufacturer’s suggested retail price, so those who were interested in the product to budget whether or not they can afford it.

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  • 1
    Nichola Young

    Living in Jamaica. How can I get these pruducts?



    Where can i get this product to buy in Kingston, Jamaica?


  • 2
    Diana Smith

    does bio-tone causes chest pains?


  • 3
    sandra clarke

    do GNLD Bio Tone Trimming System have any side effect



    no,no side efects. i am using myself.



    how well does this work for you?


  • 4

    Would you ship to Mexico to a doctors office?