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GNLD is a multi level marketing company that sells nutritional supplements and water filters. Multi level marketing companies sell their products through individual distributors who buy their products from higher level distributors and also make money from building a distribution network below them. We are always concerned when first reviewing diet and beauty products sold through this method as we frequently find that the company spend so much energy and time focusing on the distribution network that the quality of the products takes a back seat. We will have a more indepth look below at some of GNLD’s products to see if they live up to the hype.

GNLD’s supplement products fall under four main categories: Nutritionals, Weight Loss, Herbals, Skin & Personal Care, and Home Care. We will focus on GNLD’s Weight Loss line for this review.

We will focus on GNLD’s Weight Loss line for this review. Products include: Bio-Tone Trimming System, Enersine, and several versions of the GR 2 Controller, including shakes, bars, and chews.

Products cannot be purchased directly from the GNLD website but must be bought through a distributor. The website locates local representatives for you. None of the prices are listed on the website which makes it difficult for consumers to determine the c cost or value of the products before discussing it with a representative. We find that most consumers prefer to have as much information as possible before being solicited to purchase.


Varies based on the products chosen.

Product Features

GNLD’s weight loss products have different ingredients but one common one is arginine. Arginine has some clinical support showing that it aids in boosting metabolism, which in turn can burn stored fat more efficiently. Another common ingredient is ornithine which is an amino acid that works together with arginine. Clinical studies appear to support mixed results as to the use of these two substances on muscle building and fat burning. The GNLD website does not provide any links to clinical studies supporting their effectiveness.

There is nothing that really stands out for us in the GNLD weight loss formulations. The ingredients are common to middle of the pack products and the products lack some key ingredients that we always look for in effective weight loss aids. These ingredients include green tea extract and caffeine, both of which are clinically proven to produce a thermogenic response in the body which increases metabolism.

The GNLD website does not thoroughly explain each ingredient and its function in the formulations. We do like that they have included the Supplement Facts label to outline exactly what is in each product.

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  • May contain some ingredients which may help with weight loss.


  • No money back guarantee offered.
  • Does not contain several key effective ingredients.
  • Not available for purchase on website.
  • No pricing available until after consumer has spoken to a distributor.


We find the GNLD weight loss products to remain buried in the vast mountain of weight loss aids on the market today. The formulations do not appear to be cutting edge or particularly potentially effective. The GNLD website is just as focused on explaining the benefits of being a distributor as it is with the products themselves. We were disappointed to find no money back guarantee offered. We like to see a guarantee because it not only helps the consumer buy with confidence knowing that they can return it if it doesn’t work out but it also shows that the manufacturer stands behind its products.

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  • 1

    am hiv patient how can u help me


  • 2

    Dear Mr. Editor:
    Do you understand how nutrition works in our body????????? If you do and if you would have the opportunity to try GNLD products you would really know that these products are the solution for our weakly healthy habits. I would challenge you to try them. God bless.


  • 3
    Your Name

    Do gnld have any product that increases appetite?


  • 4

    Can one use dis weight loss products when trying to get pregnant


  • 5
    Your Name

    want to know if diz product has general side effect in d human system


  • 6
    Your Name

    u can send ur details to dis email. tanks


  • 7
    akinsanya abolanle

    its very gud cos am a dustributor already nd am enjoying d benefits.


  • 8
    Enobong John

    Turnlogun, Your presentation appeared mockery, so what’s wrong if every one turns? Do u v a book call “where there’s no doctor?”. Aside that GNLD supplement are not drugs but can also be abuse just like drugs so when u take it accordingly help doctors to lack jobs if there are not creative. GNLD SUPPLEMENT Don’t need doctors my tight man, it need dcepline. I am with KEDI HEALTH CARE


  • 9
    regina Ndai

    I have been to meetings n they r really inspiring. Will join


  • 10

    if GNLD claims to be treating alot of diseases,then why cant they have a hospital


  • 11
    Lianna Marie

    I first started taking GNLD products when I was 3 months pregnant. My mom is a GNLD distribuitor, so I have easy access to this products. haha
    I didn’t even feel pregnant, i mean, sure the belly was huge, but i felt amazing. Amazing hair, skin, nails, and well energized. My son is now 2 yrs of age and hes been taking liqui-vite and Salmon Plus, and let me tell ya’ll that he is an extremely smart boy. Has only gotten sick once in his life, so far. I take CAL-MAG, SALMON OIL PLUS, LIPOTROPIC ADJUNCT,PHYTO-DEFENSE, and NEOLIFE SHAKES. I’m feeling great. While every one is over here falling down with the flu, I’m just here drinking my tea comfortably. hehe I love these products. I swear they have magic powers… nah, its just nature and science in a bottle. (;


  • 12

    I want to know if Tre-en-en has any effect on head injury.I had a car accident and sustained injury and was perfectly healed afterward.A year after,one of ur distributors introduced Tre-en-en to me, wen I started taking it I had a relapse so i stopped taking it. Could u pls explain what effect it has on head injury? Or do u have any of ur supplement dat will be good for me


  • 13

    I join Gnld July last year. Me and my wife use tre-en-en, Provitality plus, tre, neo-cal, Neolife tea, rasp-eleven and the shakes these products are amazing. They keeps us healthy and energised. Let me know if you need some more


  • 14

    Im a breastfeeding mom, taking omega 3 salmon oil while breastfeeding and carotenoids are the best to keep your babies away from flu… and its the best for both mother and baby’s health!


  • 15

    i am just a friend of a GNLD registered who was convinced of the product, at first i thought just of buying the product to at least make my friend happy , but when i tried the product it works really for me, i am always energetic and accomplshed my job succesfully without stressss, i always feel enthusiasm towards fulilling my work, and one day i approached him because i wanted to register to get discounted when buying the products, i hate selling, i just registered myself in the company to get best prices for my family’s consumption


  • 16

    when i was still single, i was really a sickly type, i was petite and i usualy suffer from colds, flu and cough. i used to take over the counter synthetic medicines,when i met my husband my life has changed specifically my health, he used to be GNLD director in our city though the product is not that known, his costumers became so loyal because of the powerful effect of these products, he never failed to let me take such supplements and to my surprise i am not longer thesickly one who used to get colds n flu easily, and finally when i got pregnant with our first child up to the third i cannot let gnld products be out of my system, it is truly the best supplement i have ever encounter that gives me full energy, good health and healthymind and heart, and my kids are so heathy too since breastfed them and they are also taking the vita squares supplements . i also sared this to my co tchers and they became my loyal costumers too. my husband and i dont use the products for business anymore but a means of sharing these to those whom we care about..


  • 17

    I hav two kids presently nd i want to hav more children bt i want to reduce my weight,if i take dis weight loss product including d flex belt won’t it affect my womb?


  • 18
    Chinenye rejoice

    Does GNLD.drug have side effect



    Can I breastfeeding mum take feminine Herbal complex and Garlic alium?


  • 19

    Can i take the bio tone trimming system if im breast feeding?


  • 20

    I have a cousin who has got hernia problem since childhood, his 20 years now and has undergone so far two surgical repairs but the challenge is still existing. What food supplement can he use to overcome this problem. I am a distributor already and I can get these products for him.
    thanks Olvia


  • 21

    It will get to a time that every one will become a doctor.


  • 22
    Jenna Trinidad W.I.

    I used the carotoniod complex and tre en en when I was pregnant. I was flat on bed couldn’t eat and bring up even water. Took those 2 and in 3 days I was able to eat and had strength to meet move had a strong healthy boy. Didn’t take with my second baby remained sick had high blood pressure eventually pre eclampsia with placenta deterioration and had emergency c-section. Regret I didn’t follow the same with my second baby. Definitely worth the price.


  • 23

    my mother is a gnld drugs seller for many years now, and i am now in a diffirent country equatorial guinee so i will like to be wan of your distibutor here for there is none .


  • 24
    Angela Kenton

    How much money can you make with GNLD and how do you get paid


  • 25
    Tresor longo

    Since 2005 I’m suufering from strong chronic headache which i believe is the consequence of migraine.Doctors have failed to help me relieve from the pain.can GNLD products help me restore my health because i want to carry on with studies otherwise i fill like desperate….



    migraine, a type of periodic headache usually ltd to one side of the head can be tackled by omega-3, Formula iv plus, and vitamin B complex all GNLD products.


    Ayodeji Ibiyemi

    am one of the GNLD Distributor i can bring the product to your doorstep, pls kindly indicate your problem,
    Waiting for your response for more infomation


    Your Name

    I hear about the product and I want to try some of them.



    What GNLD product can used for HIV?


  • 26

    I have been using GNLD for many years. YES it is pricey but it is the best on the market. Their digestive enzymes work fast , their protein powder is above any other I have tried ( 9 spinal surgeries so exercise is important for me as is protein) Their VIT C threshold controlled when I feel something coming on I take 3,000 mg twice a day and whatever it is never comes on and it does not hurt my stomach nor cause any other problems like other c’s do.
    Their fish oil is pure, non toxic and no mercury…I have had no knee pain since being on the Salmon oil plus for 3 yrs.
    Yes there are cheaper things on the market but do they work. Not like the protein powders here nor the Vit C….


  • 27

    Yes you can become distributer, that would be better since you are regular user of GNLD products, that means you can save money in purchasing those products that you’re using right now..


  • 28

    May I become a distributor? I used it for about 5 months in Post Falls, ID and now I’m in Montana – do I need to get it through my distributor there?


  • 29

    Where can I get GR2 control products in the middle east?


  • 30
    Juliana Smith

    I would like more testamonies on the GR2 CONTROL PRODUCTS


  • 31

    can i get SENSA for reducing weight


  • 32

    what kind of product can i get from gnld for my ulcer problem


  • 33



  • 34

    Can a breastfeeindg mother use any d the gnld weight loss products. I am concerned that I cannot fnd any actual ingriedients for their products such as bars, meal replacements, appetisers, enahncers or shakes. Please shed some light!


    Emmanuel KUSI

    Yes,becuase it contain a lot of amino acids which are v beneficial for yo health


  • 35

    can feminne complex be used to cure hyperprolactinenamiea


  • 36



  • 37

    i am using effexor would this be safe for me to take?bio-tone trimming system


  • 38

    Hello there,
    I have a very poor appetite, very bad eating habits. Since I constantly move to differnt places it’s hard for me to settle down and start cooking healthy food for myself.
    I am very skinny – 5’4″ and weigh 104-106lb…I hate this.
    Also, as I am reaching my 30 I am feeling my deteriorating health due to lack of nutrition.
    I have lactose intolernce, egg allergy, liver scars, poor digestion(I cant digest heavy food).
    Does GNLD has any suggestions for supplements for me that would not cause further side effects.




    sure there r products to handle all ur problems,i had sme of da problems like u n da products have worked for me


  • 39

    I have experienced first hand the great quality of GNLD products. I know of several people who sufferd from deficiency diseases and thanks to GNLD they don’t suffer anymore.
    My youngest son could not eat any dairy products and was on medication. After only one month of using GNLD nutritional products we could throw away the medicine. Since then he can eat dairy products.
    Check their Scientific Advisory Board. You’ll be pleasantly suprised.


  • 40

    My sister in law has fibroid her uterus; can gnld products help her.

    I have a friend who has been married for over ten years can gnld products addree her problem ?


  • 41

    i have problem with my stomach i regulary vist the toilet what is the problem?



    you have worms. the the doc as soon as possible


  • 42
    Tammie Echols

    Has this product been know to cure Cancer?



    One of GNLD scientists have told that these products can not cure the cancer but these products can stop the procreation of cancerous cells and don’t allow to go round these cells in the future



    Gnld products can help
    Reed about Gerson therapy u will understand that to heel from cancer u need clean ur body and nutrition is very important if u change ur life style ur food u eat product u use u can heel without any medication but just gnld it’s not enough


  • 43
    victoria bempa

    my name is victoria bempa, back in nigeria i hv used ur product and is very active but right now am in north africa, libya and i fount out that ur product is no where to be found. why and how can i get them. and i i think ur product will make wave here is here in libya. so pls try ans see if u products can be sold in libya. hope to here from u soon, and i will like to be a distributer as well. thanks



    Please inbox your email to
    I will send you details of how to get the products in Libya and the rest of North Africa. God bless


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