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GNS Slim Path is manufacturer by GNS. The product is advertised to speed up your metabolism which will cause you to burn more calories and lose weight. The ingredients in this product are very powerful. It is highly recommended you contact your family physician before taking this product. Even then, you should use extreme caution while taking this product. Advantra-Z is one of the most powerful metabolism boosters out there. Advantra-Z is one of the ingredients found in GNS Slim Path. The bad thing about it, the other ingredients found in Slim Path have been known to have a reverse effect on Advantra-Z. So, it may not work after all.

GNS Slim Path can be purchased from the official GNS website. For one bottle of GNS Slim Path, you will pay $49.95 plus shipping. You will get 120 pills in one bottle. That will last you for twenty days. You are suppose to take three pills twice a day, one time before breakfast and the next time before lunch. Due to the high levels of caffeine, it should be avoided in the late evening. GNS Slim Path is loaded with caffeine. Some studies have shown that large amounts of caffeine can make the body feel tired and make you eat more. It probably reacts different with different people. If it does have that effect on you, this product probably will be of no use to you, since it is so high in caffeine.


L-Tyrosine, Advantra-Z, Coleus Forskohli, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea, Naringin, Cayenne Fruit and Caffeine.

Product Features

One of the ingredients you will find in Slim Path is Advantra-Z®. This ingredient is very well known for boosting your metabolism. These ingredients will boost your metabolism which will cause you to burn more calories and up your energy level. Even though this product is ephedra free, the Advantra-Z® ingredient is very similar to ephedra. It has the same effect ephedra has. So, definitely use this product with caution.

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  • They have an official website.
  • Testimonies can be found on the official website.


  • A lot of the stimulants found in this product comes with a number of side effects.
  • There are large amounts of caffeine found in this pill.


It seems this product will help you lose weight judging by the ingredients found in it. However, some of the ingredients come with quite a bit of side effects like nausea, upset stomach, headaches, and rashes. Before taking GNS Slim Path, you should research all of the ingredients and look at the different side effects associated with it. Some people have bad reactions to caffeine. If you are one of those people, you should stay away from this product. GNS Slim Path is loaded with caffeine.

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