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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Go for Fit! is a private exercise company and program. There is very little information available about them, and no information can be found about them outside of their own website. If you are considering hiring a private fitness company to help you with your weight loss and dieting goals, this one may need to be crossed off your list right away.< ?p>


There are no ingredients as this is an exercise program and not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The Go For Fit! Website is not a very professional website. It looks like it was done with a web design program in a very fast manner. Despite this, the site is fairly informative. The Go for Fit! Training Company is “is committed to multi-sport and living a healthy and active lifestyle.” There is information on head coach Teresa, but the information on the homepage said that because her father just passed away she would be taking a hiatus. There is no date information, and there is no telling how long ago this may have happened. The Coach’s Schedule on the “About Us” page indicates a 2008 schedule with triathlons in February, August, and October. The coach was expecting a child in April 2008 and therefore was not working until then. This site does not look like it has been updated since the new year, so it is hard to say if this company is even open and still running business. There is a contact telephone number, but it is long distance, and at the time of this review could not be reached.

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  • Private fitness coaching company.


  • Very poorly designed website.
  • No way to really tell if they are still in business.
  • No toll free customer contact number.


Go For Fit! Is a wonderful concept, because of its ability to help keep people motivated through working together, and the private fitness approach is something many people enjoy. The simple fact that the website looks as though it was designed by a child is a large enough reason to turn many people away. Add into it the fact that nothing seems to have been updated since sometime in 2008, it makes it even worse. It seems that the main coach was not only expecting a child, but that her father died and this of course has impacted Go For Fit! But without a time line, it is hard to say whether or not the site is being neglected because of personal turmoil, or because the coach is busy with personal life. If you are looking for a private fitness company to help you with your weight loss and dieting goals, you may try calling this one to see if you can figure out what is going on, and otherwise keep looking for a better option that provides more information up front.

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