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Go UnDiet is a different approach to weight loss. Written by Gloria Tsang, a registered dietician, this plan is designed to make it easier to make the necessary lifestyle changes you have to make in order to make your weight loss permanent. Instead of following a low carb eating plan, or eating a low GI plan, you make 50 small changes in the way you live that will result in weight loss you can count on. Take a look at the details of this approach to help decide if it is the right way for you to reach your goals.

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Go UnDiet involves making several small changes so you do not have follow some strict, rigid, eating plan, and you don’t have to focus on counting calories and fat to reach your weight loss goals. You should start one change a week, while maintaining all the other changes you have made. You should start by no longer starving yourself and journaling everything you eat for one week. Other changes you should make include: no longer eating anything fat free, because it if doesn’t have fat in it, it is not real food; avoiding things with cartoon like characters as these products are generally loaded with sugar; stop looking for low fat and low sugar, and start looking for low sodium products; when you fall off track, start looking for solutions to keep yourself on track; and set at least one action goal for the week and just do it. The other key to the Go UnDiet plan is to exercise at least 20 to 25 minutes per day, and the important part is doing something that you consider fun so it seems less like work. Things you can do include: swimming, ice skating, jump rope, take dance lessons, walk briskly around the park, or play a game with the kids.

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  • Go UnDiet doesn’t require you to count anything.
  • Go UnDiet encourages a diet of whole foods.


  • Go UnDiet doesn’t provide a clear meal plan.
  • This book does not provide clear exercise guidelines.
  • 50 habits can seem overwhelming and turn people away.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee for this product.


Go UnDiet addresses most of the reasons many diets fail, which makes it easier for people to jump into and stick to losing weight. Some people need more structure than this program can provide, such as meal and exercise plans, but for those people who want freedom and little food restriction, this program may be the answer. Follow a balanced diet with a calorie deficit, and take a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to get better results than with diet and exercise alone.

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