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What You Should Know

Veganism is a chosen lifestyle that is based on excluding animals for food, clothing, materials, or any other purpose. Many people become vegan due to health concerns, environmental concerns, spiritual or religious concerns, as well as animal testing controversies. Gobble Green is a website devoted to vegans where you can find an extensive variety of pre-packaged meals available for purchase through their online marketplace. Each food package is contained in environmentally-friendly containers, made to ship right to your home, and is 100% vegan. These kits can often supply entire weeks worth of meals and snacks. Gobble Green is completely dedicated to vegans – to make it easier to transition if you are new to the lifestyle, to maintain your health, and to become more environmentally conscious.


There are several different meals to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks.

Product Features

Gobble Green’s kits contain an entire week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. With each kit also comes information on how to maintain your vegan diet without straying. Some of the breakfast foods available in the marketplace include biscuits, French toast, scrambled eggs and hash browns, and muffins, as well as several other choices. Lunch includes different salads, sandwiches, soups, macaroni and cheese, and many other choices. There are many different dinners to choose from including steak, chicken, pasta, and veggie dishes. Desserts are also available where you can purchase delicious cookies, cupcakes, and pastries. Gobble Green is a great opportunity for vegans who typically eat the same foods and desire more of a variety. Each week you can order different meals and snacks ensuring that you don’t have to lift a finger cooking or preparing any meals throughout the week. Gobble Green also assures their customers that whether or not you are a new vegan or have been a vegan for years, their meals meet all daily nutritional requirements are nothing short of flavorful.

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  • Provides a convenient way to transition to or maintain veganism.
  • Offers a variety of different meals to choose from.
  • All nutritional information is provided with each meal.
  • You can order an entire week’s worth of meals and snacks so you don’t have to cook or prepare anything.


  • This diet is only based on vegans.
  • Does not recommend any sort of exercise program.


Gobble Green is a great way to either start becoming a vegan or maintain your vegan lifestyle. With several different meals to choose from that will last you an entire week, it is essentially convenient and less of a hassle maintaining a vegan diet.

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13 User Reviews about Gobble Green

  • 1

    The food was GOOD. The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! They act like third graders. If you are lucky enough to get someone to talk to they will promise you EVERYTHING under the sun then not come through with it. ALSO they block you from facebook and delete your posts. I am VERY disappointed in their service. They kept getting my order wrong. AND lastly they asked if they could please reship the correct order on Monday July 30, 2012. Needless to say it never happened. I am not surprised. Its sad, we need more VEGAN food places to turn to. Its such a shame that this one just can not get it right.


  • 2

    The food is reasonably good. However, they did not honor my request for nut-free food (I have a nut allergy). Also, on their comprehensive diet plan, they provided an average of 1000 calories per day — 200 cal. short of what is a healthy minimum. The food also comes in a hard-to-sort and hard-to-store condition: it’s all frozen together in a box, so that foods are squished together in odd shapes, labels are hard to read, and some packages are actually stuck together. Also, some promised food items weren’t in the order (all side orders like rice, “hash browns”). The nail in the coffin: no response to my contact on these problems in over seven days, by phone or by email.


  • 3

    Not recommeded. I ordered the 1 month slim down program, and I sure do regret jumping in without reading and listening to the negative reviews. After following the program for about a week, there are only a small handfull of meals I would consider eating again (kung pao chicken, the muffins – but they are really dense, and the banana pancakes – but one of them was burnt). The meals that I was especially disappointed in were the seafood stew, the chili and beans, the seitan stew. Also, I don’t think their quality control is up to par, the carmelized vegetables and tofu tasted OK, although little bit too vinegary, but there were only two pieces of vegetables in the whole package.


  • 4

    I was told by my doctor vegan food contains a lot of salt, and a lot of sugar due to lack of taste…looking at the sodium content on some dishes, it’s fast food sodium w/o the animal fat.


  • 5

    I just don’t understand the bad reviews here. I mean, I had the same kit from Living Social, the regular one — not Gluten Free — maybe that is the difference? I thought it was great. The mac and cheese, kung pao, all the soups, the breakfast sandwich, the chickpea salad, the chicken enchilada, chicken chili, peanut butter cookie, chocolate chip cookie -> I LOVED all these items. The rest of the stuff I could go without. I will say I think their directions are wrong on most things because I had to heat most things more than what they said. I have tried other frozen diet delivery services before and this one ROCKS. So before try it yourself, wait for a deal to pop up if you’re unsure. I am a convert though and make the occasional order.


  • 6
    H Zola

    Terrible food.


  • 7
    H Zola

    A full plate of Gobble Green sits beside me as I type this review. After trying five different dishes, and barely able to eat any of them, I felt compelled to write as many reviews as possible so others didn’t feel duped like I do.
    I ordered the week’s worth of food through Living Social (so sorry for those who payed full price) and I’ve not only been underwhelmed, but on the verge of grossed out. Food is tasteless mush. Such a huge disappointment. Save your money and buy a vegan cookbook instead! Time to go give the dog my leftovers.


  • 8

    Food is just plain terrible.


  • 9

    Not worth the money. The food quality is poor. I’m throwing out most of what I got as not edible. Very unfortunate.


  • 10

    For diet delivery, it doesn’t get better than Gobble Green. If you don’t like Gobble Green then you shouldn’t use a food delivery service through the mail because this is as good as it gets. I like everything they make except for the vegetable soup and the tropical rice pilaf.


  • 11

    I disagree with the other two comments. I just signed up for the Dinner is Served Plan after trying the week of food. Obviously it can’t compare to a vegan restaurant but as far as meal delivery goes this is way better than anything else. Nutrisystem, Diet to Go, Weight Watchers are all bad compared to Gobble Green. I found that running the frozen packages under hot water made them very easy to open and I cooked almost everything in the oven because they said you can do this on the website and I don’t like microwaves. With the exception of only a couple of items I liked almost everything. Now I am on a customized plan so I will only get the things I really enjoyed.


  • 12

    Completely agree with Dovar. The food is horrible! I got my meals yesterday and tried it out today, and excluding the cookies, I could barely eat them. It’s also ridiculously packaged where it makes it incredibly difficult to prepare too.


  • 13
    Dovar Flores

    Couldn’t get over the consistency of everything. Didn’t care for most of the food, and threw the majority of it out. Food wasn’t made fresh, it had clearly been frozen for some time which made everything mushy.