GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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There are always new and convenient fitness tools offered online and in stores. These exercise machines, workout devices, and weight loss DVDs are very easy to come by, and vary greatly in cost. It all depends on what you are interested in, and what workouts you are willing to partake in to stay fit. Among the hundreds of workout products, there is the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station. This handy device sells for a retail price of $39.99, but you might find it on sale for less.


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Product Features

The GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station will help you strengthen your upper body and core. More specifically, this fitness device works out your shoulders, chest, back, arms, and abdominals. It can be easily mounted in a doorway, and no screws are required. When you purchase this strength-training tool, you receive the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station, assembly instructions, assembly hardware, and a laminated exercise booklet. While there are abdominal straps that can be used with this device, they are sold separately.

The specs for this product are 36 inches in width, 10.5 inches in height, and 11.5 inches in depth. You can also use the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station for dips, sit-ups, and push-ups, which makes it quite versatile for strength training exercises. This piece of equipment will fit most standard doorframes. It allows you to get a full range of motion, which really works the muscles. Padded grips are used on this product for comfort and a secure grip. There is no special diet plan recommended with this fitness device, and no specific exercise regimen is encouraged. This product is suitable for men and women of all ages.

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  • The GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station will help you strengthen your muscles.
  • This product is convenient since it can be used at home with ease.


  • Cardio exercise is better for burning off serious amounts of calories.
  • Some people may not like doing pull-ups or chin-ups.
  • A diet pill with proven fat loss ingredients is not mentioned.
  • There is no healthy eating plan recommended with the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station.


If you are interested in chin-ups and pull-ups, and you would like to build your upper body, then this product may be right for you. It is handy to have a compact fitness tool that can be mounted in the doorway and used at any time, at home. While this product will help you burn off some calories, it is not a cardio workout device. In other words, the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station is not the most ideal fitness product for fat loss and weight reduction.

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