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Goji berry is a commonly eaten super fruit. Though only recently discovered in the Western world, the Tibetians and Chinese have been utilizing the powers of this berry for thousands of years. It is thought these berries have excellent healing properties, including the ability to improve eyesight, liver function, and the immune system. We will take a closer look at this common ingredient to determine if and how it helps improve the quality of various weight loss supplements to help you decide if you should purchase a supplement that uses this ingredient.

List of Ingredients

Goji berry is a commonly used ingredient in many different health and weight loss supplements.

Product Features

Goji berry is native to the Eastern world and has been used for nearly 6,000. They are available in the United States in various forms, including dried, extract, tea, and juice. The berries are small, red, and tart, but are known to hold many different antioxidants which provide a variety of health benefits. The benefits of the antioxidants in goji berry include: prevention of cancer cell growth, protection from macular degeneration (a condition which affects the eyes and eventually causes blindness) and reducing the bad levels of cholesterol in the body. There are no claims that it will help with weight loss, though many companies use the ingredient and say that it will. These claims are false. There is no real way of knowing how much of the benefit you will get from the dried fruit or the extract as compared to eating the whole fruit. It is thought that much of the health benefit is lost when you do not consume the whole fruit, so it is much less effective by the time it reaches the United States.

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  • Goji berry is known to have a variety of health benefits, in the whole form.


  • Not all Goji berry supplements are created equally.
  • Goji berry may not have the same health benefits when delivered in dried or extract form. As such, Americans will not see the same results, because we do not have access to the whole fruit.
  • Many companies using the Goji berry make false claims.
  • There is no correlation between the Goji berry and weight loss.


Goji berry, though a healthy super fruit in whole form, probably will not act the same when in other forms. The process of drying/freezing and removing the extract from the fruit likely destroys many of the vital nutrients. As there have been no studies conducted to see how Goji berry affects weight loss, we have no evidence to support that it helps. This is why we recommend you look to another product for weight loss.

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